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this photo just made my day, look at hailey’s beautiful smile 🧡

#throwback Hailey featured Vogue Japan in 2016 😻 😻

#throwback Hailey featured Vogue Japan in 2016 😻 😻

#throwback Hailey featured Vogue Japan in 2016 😻 😻

Hailey x @VogueJapan

Hailey aka Miss Diva x @VogueJapan !! NO EYE CONTACT hahahaha

breathtaking. #haileybaldwin

BIG MOOD 😂 #haileybaldwin

My cuties 💕 Can you believe that these two chicks are getting married? THEY ARE GETTING MARRIED. They are happy together, seeing a beautiful, healthy realationship they are like the best friends and at the same time the best couple. So grateful I love them like you do not have an idea #haileybaldwin #justinbieber

Sorry but Im obsessed!!! MOM SLAY 😍👏 #haileybaldwin

Hailey Baldwin its everything is okay in this world 🔥❤ #haileybaldwin

Shes a absolute goddess🔥😍 #haileybaldwin

I LOVE MY PARENTS ❤ It is very funny to see all those pages of Jelena saying meaningless nonsense, letting hatred speak for them and saying what they really are. Because if you hate Haiey so much because you follow her, you see what she does or does not do because you simply give so much space and time in your life to someone you hate only to criticize, well tell me that is not super immature ?. Mira stops being hurt by someone elses happiness or comparing Hailey or criticizing just talking shit. Justin chose a wonderful woman like Hailey to get married. HE LOVES HER, they are in love, and nobody put a gun to his head to do it for something he chose her, do not you think? they are happy and what happened had to happen. Hailey is a wonderful woman, beautiful, intelligent, kind, sweet, hardworking ... etc she does not need someones PR to be the wonderful that she is. Justin is no longer in that toxic relationship so overcome it. I always try to maintain respect but there are people so stupid. Why hate? Because they see Justin and Hailey happy living a healthy relationship, which with a certain person cant be, please be better than that of hate, look at this girl is not a bad person but does not have sentimental stability for what you see being almost ten years in this and then saying four things and showing another is not pathetic enough. She is a good person and I wish her the best but enough is enough. live and let live. Love always wins. God bless you! #justinbieber #haileybaldwin

little babies always so happy. #haileybaldwin #justinbieber #jailey

i love these videos of hailey singing and dancing ❤️ #haileybaldwin #weloveyouhailey @haileybaldwin

Hailey x @VogueJapan September 2018 issue! The most important month in the world of fashion! So happy for you @haileybaldwin!!

without makeup 😍🙌🏼 #haileybaldwin #weloveyouhailey

#throwback when Hailey directed and styled the Adidas Fashion Show in September 2017

#throwback when Hailey directed and styled the Adidas Fashion Show in September 2017

#throwback when Hailey directed and styled the Adidas Fashion Show in September 2017

legs for days 🔥🔥🔥 #haileybaldwin #weloveyouhailey

the coolest⚡️

this photo 🤤🤤

slayyyy mama 😍🤩 that hair looks so gorgeous damnnnn

she only gives me pride @haileybaldwin #haileybaldwin #haileybaldwinuptades #igmodel

she’s a queen but she’s that bitch too 🔥🔥 #haileybaldwin #weloveyouhailey

see hailey growing professionally and getting everything shes ever wanted is so good, im a very proud mother. #haileybaldwin

Ok baby, I need you to stretch your hair urgently


Hailey x #AdidasUK x JD #throwback 2017

Hailey x #AdidasUK x JD #throwback 2017

Hailey x #AdidasUK x JD #throwback 2017

miss baldwin you’re so fucking perfect 😍🔥 #haileybaldwin #weloveyouhailey

beyond proud of this hardworking woman ❤️ she deserves this and so much more. congrats hails, you SLAYYYY!! i mean can we just talk about how stunning she looks in that photo


YOU GO GIRL 🔥 @haileybaldwin

THE ONE AND ONLY ❤ no matter what you do dude shes the one and only... The one who understood understood bye! #haileybaldwin #justinbieber

Y’ALL HAILEY QUEEN BALDWIN DID NOT COME TO PLAY 🗣🗣🗣 #haileybaldwin #weloveyouhailey #voguejapan

A WOMAN 🔥😍 ps: justin your girl is fire... #haileybaldwin



STUNNING QUEEN 🔥🔥🔥|| @haileybaldwin @voguejapan #haileybaldwin #vogue #justinbieber #jailey #weloveyouhailey

My jailey feels. I dont have enough of them. Im so happy. Im so grateful. Life is so beautiful. God is so good 💙 #justinbieber #haileybaldwin

Tommys Girl ✔️ Adidas Girl ✔️

The way that justin hug to hailey 😍 THE CUTEST BABIES! #justinbieber #haileybaldwin

My dream come true 💘 ps: Look at those beautiful smiles ughh 😍 #justinbieber #haileybaldwin

Firts ever Style Creator of Adidas originals and JD! Congratulations baby, you looks so gorgeous extremely proud of you ❤ #haileybaldwin

My boss lady 💪❤ @haileybaldwin #haileybaldwin

Just in case you didnt know Hailey has worked with Adidas before, she even styled one of their fashion shows once in 2017!

In her new role, Baldwin will be the lead creative voice across select Adidas Originals women’s campaigns at JD for autumn/winter 2018. Fans will also have the opportunity to see the process behind the scenes on JD social channels and online as she collaborates on these campaigns. I’m so inspired by UK style, its where so many trends originate, and I want my work to be a real fusion of my favourite parts of UK, LA and New York street style culture. I cannot wait to share what I have planned for you guys! {via Harpers Bazaar} 2/2

church girl #haileybaldwin @haileybaldwin

Ambassador and now first ever Style Creator of Adidas and JD! So proud of you Hailey!

Hailey Baldwin has just landed a very exciting new job as she expands her role with Adidas and JD in becoming their first ever style creator. The supermodel – who has been the face of the two brands for some time – will now take on a more creative position, rather than simply being in front of the camera. I’m so excited to be Adidas and JD’s first ever style creator, the model said in a press release. Creativity is what drives me – I love starring in campaigns but being able to direct and have creative control is what I am most passionate about. {via Harpers Bazaar} 1/2

this HAIR. #haileybaldwin

shes so sexy 🔥 #haileybaldwin

good night kiddos, i have to wake up in 4 hours 🙃

I’m so proud of you and proud to be a stan Hailey Rhode Baldwin. You’re one of the biggest inspirations in my life. Please continue to grow, glow and achieve everything you’ve ever dreamed of doing. Saranghae. ❤️

absolutely favorite 😍 | @annemarie #annemarie

iconic | @annemarie #annemarie

happiness | @annemarie #annemarie

favorite woman out there | @annemarie #annemarie

mood | @annemarie #annemarie

love only | @annemarie #annemarie

I am so tired of Selena Gomez/jelena stans. Like fr. I’m pretty sure Justin AND Selena are tired of them too. They are always so damn negative about every aspect of their lives when it has nothing to do with the other anymore. Justin is happily engaged and Selena is doing whatever the fuck she wants to do. Their fans always find a way to try and drag them back together and that is draining to watch. You’re literally exhausting everyone (even their friends and family) with you always being up their asses about a dead relationship. Get tf over it for god sakes and let them move on in peace 😐|| @haileybaldwin @justinbieber @selenagomez #haileybaldwin #justinbieber #selenagomez #jailey #jelena #weloveyouhailey

@alagostino vía instagram stories. -bárbara🌼 #haileybaldwin #hails #baldwiners #baldwinersarehereforyou #weloveyouhailey

”hAiLeY bAlDwIn Is UgLy” yeah sure, u don’t even believe that yourself

trying out a new filter, not sure if i’m gonna start using this one or stick with the old one

so proud of my adidas girl ♥️

whew she’s so gorgeous 🤩

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