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Never be a sheep use your brain think for yourself #openyoureyes #sheepdog #leo #lion #protectthesheep #liveinlove

A person who is nice to you but rude to the waiter is not a nice person. Yeah, weve all heard this one before ... but this has been on my mind quite a bit lately. Ive been feeling some weird energies and man, it really gets to me sometimes. Just seeing how some people treat others like theyre not even human beings, like they dont even exist. That shit really breaks my heart. I honestly dont see how it can cost us anything to be kind to one another. It actually takes more work to be unkind! You literally have to go out of your way to be rude. I get it, you might be dealing with something. But guess what? WE ALL ARE! So, sharing a smile with someone could make a world of a difference! Not only to the person you smile at, but it could help you too. It WILL benefit you. I promise. A simple hello goes such a long way. Theres so much negative shit happening every day. So I ask myself , do I want to contribute to that? Do I really want to be one more human emitting a low and negative vibration? Hell no! But I am human and like I said, when I see that happening it makes me sad for a second. But I refuse to spread that. Low vibration humans can be contagious if you let them. And I choose not to. There is so much love in my heart and in my being that it I cannot consider anything else. My ancestors instilled love, kindness and compassion deep within me that even if I tried, I wouldnt be able to shake it off. They created me from love so that I could give love and thats exactly what I will do. I will not let other low vibrating beings take away my love. I will gladly share my love with you, but you cant take it away from me. There are always things we can work on to be better humans and right here, right now, I publicly promise that from today on I will work on being a more loving human being. I promise that the root of my thoughts, my words, and my actions will come from a place of love. Because if my existence is not rooted from love, then WHAT THE HELL AM I EVEN DOING HERE? THIS EARTH IS OUR MOTHER, WE ARE ALL BROTHERS AND SISTERS, AND I LOVE YOU. #weareone

Sometimes the most powerful words come from unexpected places. Peace. Love smile. Kye.

My Friday night vibe ~ I party like a rockstar 🤓 @elizabeth_gilbert_writer #bookworm #BigMagic ❤️🙌🏼

#liveinlove 💗🙌🏼🙏😌

🧘🏻‍♀️ Saturday 🕉 8:30 Balancing Flow 🕉 10:00 am Heated Flow 🕉 4:30 pm Richard Yoga

There was something about that purple baby 🌸 that made me stop and admire; it reminds me of baby B (who was wearing purple yesterday - not spelling out her name for privacy). I met baby B at work about 2 months ago and I remember that particular day I was going through a rough internal patch. When she popped her head into the office, we started chatting. I found out shes 4 and our birthdays are only 4 days apart from each other. She then looked at me and said, you know what my favorite animal is? -- a bear , and I dont have a teddy bear yet so for my bday you get me a bear and for your bday, I get you one too . I froze. I knew my friend bear was in the house 🙏🏽. . I see baby B randomly( when I most need it) and she always reminds me of this bear agreement we have. Her language has changed since I first met her; sometimes she says dont forget about bear , others remember bear and she melts my heart every time. . Yesterday when I saw her, I just wanted to hug her so bad, annnddd I hesitated. Her father knows we always talk, but I want to make sure I dont step over my boundaries. I kept thinking about the best way to approach her for a hug... after her sisters jiu jitsu class ended, she ran into the office to say bye and there was another mom that had brought me her baby to say hi to. Baby B squeezed by everyone and ran to give me a hug. Do I really need to write anymore? Intentions and love speak louder than words. Forever grateful for the #oneness we have the opportunity to experience 🙏🏽 . . #intentionalliving #intentions #love #alwayslove #scorpioconnection #babyB #bear #soulagreements #messages #afterlife #teacher #student #remembering #meditate #elevate #share #kindness #hugs #808 #death #alive #grateful #blessedilivehawaii #luckyweliveinhawaii #moments #liveinlove #liveinamazement #waves

My bag runneth over 👏🏾🙌🏾💰 #paparazzi brings me SO much #joy ❣️ It keeps me connected to PEOPLE, particularly, strong 💪🏾, independent women who fill my cup 🥤 beyond their purchases but with: words of #encouragement , #blessings , and #wellwishes ... my friend-stomers (customer friends) are EVERYTHING 😍 and on that note 📝HAPPY FRIDAY from @royalreflectionslifestyle 😘 To my friend-stomers THANK YOU FOR SHOPPING WITH ROYAL REFLECTIONS❣️👏🏾🙌🏾👌🏾👍🏾☝🏾😍😘www.paparazziaccessories.com/royalreflections #abundancemindset #entrepreneurlife #loveliving #liveinlove #investinyou #liveoutloud

2 weeks ago today 🏹🍰🕊♥️ #BeckwithToBarron

Jalens happy because he gets a guys’ night with lil man to watch sports while I hit up the movies with my mama for girls night 🖤 anyone else dress full on comfy/borderline homeless when going to the movies? But I legit haven’t been out for about 2 weeks now so tonight is much needed, with a FULL weekend agenda. Tomorrow I am heading up to St. Louis for a local coach event - going to workout with local coaches, celebrate, hear about new launches, and see one my best friends ✨ and then Sunday I’m getting my first maternity shoot ever! I wanted to cry today looking at dresses because I’m seriously so grateful. Last pregnancy with Jay, I couldn’t afford to get pictures taken professionally and so this time we had to make it happen & I’m getting my entire little family in it 🍂 I cannot wait to see how they turn out, to see a glimpse of our future. ☀️ we cant wait to meet you Azalea girl and I cannot wait to show you what’s possible in this world 🌎 . . . . . . #pregnancynutrition #vegancouple #mixedfamily #plantbasedmom #weekendvibes #hoodieweather #liveinlove #spreadloveandlight #workhardforwhatyouwant #mywholeworld #myotherhalf #30weekspregnant #momneedscoffee #maternityphotoshoot #soontobemomof2 #mylittlefamily #mirrorselfie #gratefulheart

Quando eu era menino, os mais velhos perguntavam: - O que você quer ser quando crescer? Hoje não perguntam mais. Se perguntassem, eu diria que quero ser menino. Fernando Sabino Mães (e pais), a maternidade (paternidade) é nossa chance de virarmos criança outra vez. Agarre essa chance e aproveite-a! É um privilégio. 📷 @helenamarchfotografia #samuelovertherainbow #liveinlove

Agate radiates strength to ground the soul ... this gorgeous aqua color is also known for it’s calming effect. I love it so much, I did the Seaside Bracelet with an aqua chalcedony horn, the Santa Monica Bracelet with a beautiful gold bead and this hand-knotted necklace with sparkly skull, just for fun 💀✨ #tenthingsjewelry #resortstyle #aqua #agate #liveinlove #healingcrystals #design #style #gemstonejewelry #homedecorstore #jewelry #icarryyourhearticarryitinmyheart #usingmyloveofstyletomoveforward #meditation #spiritual #spiritualjewelry #intuition #loveistheanswer #mydaughtermyself #loveyouforever #stylist #openheart #strength #believe #abletoseeme #lovestylelife #doallthingswithlove #throatchakrahealing #boutiquejewelry

Thank you so much to all of you that took a moment out of your day to wish me a happy birthday. I had a wonderful day full of amazing food and great company. The celebration continues tonight with a dear old friend and then a surprise on Saturday that even though I didnt know anything about it, Im excited! Feeling blessed and lucky and loved. To my Miami peeps- see you soon for round two of celebrating Miami style!! #tylasmith #mybirthday #thankyou #iloveyouguys #heisamazing #liveinlove #love #life #luckygirl #anotheryearolder #aginglikeafinewine

#yogaschedule #drurystreet #workout #mindbodyandsoul #dublin #yoga #retreat #mindyourself #bikram #yoga #ireland #citylife #yogalife #wellnessJourney #BeKind Quote from Anna yoga teacher - Give your Body Space by being Kind, Respectful & Compassionate towards it. Such amazing words of wisdom that can be practiced with yourself and others. Give others you love and care for the space they need to grow. #LiveInLove

Looking for a great event to hang out at next weekend? Check out Porches and Pies! Regal Royalty will be in attendance with our Signature Logo t-shirts and tanks, as well as the LIMITED EDITION Abrams Life... Love... Liberty t-shirt, for sell. Hope to see you there! 👑💜 #jointheculture #regalnroyal #regalroyalty #royalstatus #theroyals #royalscene #1000royalsstrong #riseabove #liveintruth #liveinlove #liveinpeace #empowerment #inspiration #positivity #affirmation #unity #socialawareness #activism #doitfortheculture #wearebetter #wedeservebetter #bethechange #Atlanta #branding

How you feel in any one moment is more important than anything else, because how you feel right now is creating your life. Your feelings are the fuel for your future 👌🔥💜💕🌎 {{Your current reality is a creation of your PAST thoughts and feels}} . #letitmarinate . What’s your future looking like? 🤷🏻‍♀️✨ #liveinlove

#purpose #intention #helpothers #bethechange #liveinlove I believe this in every fiber of my being ! #bekind

(Part 6) I am mindful that I am not perfect. I’m so undeserving of all the things I’ve been blessed with that I take for granted. I’m sarcastic, I’m cynical, I hold grudges, I’m stubborn, I sometimes have unrealistic expectations of myself and others. I feel so strongly about things that people find annoying. I thank God that I am also kind, thoughtful, compassionate, considerate, opened hearted with a open mind, wise, empathetic, passionate, hard working, and a great friend. I am all of these things and more. I’m blessed to be able to explore all parts of myself. Take the good with the bad for it is all within you. Grateful to awaken another day. Music: Dark Side by @thatgirlbishop

Siempre ando metido en una película diferente, no puedo evitarlo, mis padres me educaron así. La de hoy es esta: @somostiburones. Me estaba demorando en inventar algo con JUNIOR jejeje... Están todos cordialmente invitados, el vacile esta bueno y habrán muchas historias bacanas para contarles. ¡Los espero! #SomosTiburones #JuniorTuPapa #DistritoMarimonda . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #JustMe #DontForgetToSmile #LiveInLove #BeStrong #BeachLover #TattoLover #Portrait #Streetart #Grafiti #Colors #PuraVida #JuniorDeBarranquilla #Marimonda #CarnavalDeBarranquilla #BlackAndWhite

happiest bearthday shout outs to my auntie Sammy @masamo19 ~ I would have never guessed that the person who intimidated me most as a child would literally become someone I couldn’t live without, my best friend & wanderer/adventurer partner. I love you with all my heart! Thank you for always being there, pushing me, laughing with me and making life beautiful! I’ll always be your photographer and someone you can call on for anything. You are forever blossoming ~ you are forever beautiful and forever loved 😭✨ you are my favorite dance partner, favorite artist and my favorite auntie. You are the most driven person I know, I love having you in my life, we keep each other in check and we’re always living wild and free. #lucky if it ever feels like the universe is twisting sideways, know that I always got you. I wish I was with you to celebrate and do some stripper twerkin’ on the dance floor, but they ain’t ever ready 😉 I LOVE YOU. #Familyfirst #happybearthday #myauntieisbetterthanyours #bestwoman #apatnaalon #tahiti #moorea #adventurer #wanderer #explore #liveinlove

To be soft in no way means you’re weak... To be gentle does not mean you’re fragile... To be Feminine does not mean you are without the masculine. We are both. We are all. #❤️

Its a great day for a #fallwedding !! We will be hanging out in the Bud Barn for this #highclass wedding! We are pumped to be making #THCinfused smores with some amazing #chocolates from our friends @iloveincrediblestoo . HUGE Congrats to Bob & Angie!

(Part 5) It’s so frustrating to wake up stressed. It’s so easy to give into that stress and anxiety and depression. It’s so much harder to be happy, it’s actually a learned trait as you get older. With responsibility, bills, relationships, planing your future.. it feels good to do something that is freeing. It feels good to work at something and feel the improvement. It feels good to be in control of something when everything feels out of my control. Learning to always love my body, making sure my mind respects my body, and being grateful for what I can control. Music: Dark Side by @thatgirlbishop

#truth : challenges and diagnoses don’t define a child. #letgo of what others think - of your parenting, and of your child. #leaninto your discomfort. Let your child be on his or her own timeline. #stayopen ,#payattention , and #questioneverything you thought you knew about raising kids. Stop waiting for things to get easier and appreciate who your child is now. #breathedeeply , often. Remember that your child’s story is unwritten. #dontbeatyourselfup for the mistakes you make along the way. #practiceempathy with your child, with your partner, and with yourself. Let go of your impossible #expectations for who you “#should ” be as a parent. #justbeyou . Parent from a place of #possibility instead of fear. Never underestimate how #resourceful you are. Create a world where your child can feel secure. #becurious and become fluent in your child’s unique language. Remember that nobody needs to be “fixed”. #differentlywired isn’t a deficit… It’s evolution. “ #tiltparenting #tiltcreed #autismawareness #motherofthree #godiswithus #havefaith #liveinlove #takecareofyourself #selfcare #bodymindsoul #holisticthinking #prayerswork #believe #thewaythelightthetruth

Dearest Beloved, ⠀ defines the outlines of my heart,⠀ dancing within my chest, ⠀ Writing poetry across my skin,⠀ Filling this body with spirit, ⠀ With these lips I call you in, ⠀ With your light I learn to love⠀ Quenching my thirsty lips and⠀ Filling my cup with divinity.⠀ I feel you in the wind, ⠀ I hear you in the stars,⠀ I see you in kindness, ⠀ I taste you in the sun and⠀ I smell you in my dreams. ⠀ This urge to create worlds⠀ Is not contained by skin. ⠀ Within me, you exist, ⠀ Without me you embody ⠀ The universe.⠀ Photo @alyssa.keys_ ⠀ Words @windsong_speaks ⠀ ⠀ #inspirationalwords #liveinlove #belovedlife #beloved #spiritualhealing #weareallone

(Part 4) “God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference.” Music: Dark Side by @thatgirlbishop

Today was my last day for my 6wk #RAWFitness challenge... however, I’m not done until my birthday 11/8 ! ———————————————💥 I AM PROUD of my progress! Measured & reduced by 10 inches!!! 💪🏼😆 💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥 #HappyLady #RealEstateandLifestyle #fitlifestyle #fitness #fitforlife

Friday feels. Can you find the Alan in the depths of the #greatsmokymountains What a beautiful day to stay curious and #wanderon 😊🙃🍃🍄

We talk alot about these beautiful oils and their emotions but I wanted to break down the circus oils + flower oils alittle more, and when exactly to use them. . Turn to your citrus oils when you have feelings of sadness And then your flower oils are for when you have feelings of anxiousness. Feeling both sad + anxious? Try both together!! As humans we have these feelings from time to time, its ok!! Use your oils to support your mood naturally + maybe pair it with a positive affirmation (I am safe has been a fav of mine recently!) Tip- For quick relief I put a drop of the oil of my choice in the palm of my hand and inhale deeply for about 30 seconds. . What are your favorite citrus + flower oils to support your mood?

Солнечная пятница 😍 ! Ура! У меня сегодня по программе коктейль 🍹 Русская тройка (Водка, Имбирное пиво, Лимонный сок), 🍕 пицца собственного приготовления и очередной сезон Галлагеров (Бесстыдники) 🎥 ! Да простят меня Боги нравственности и морали! Отдыхаю с душой 💕 ! . #белгород #пятница #belgorod #friday #love #life #liveinlove

Foto de hace más de un año, cuando Rugge termino la primera gira por lationoamerica ❤️ #love #justlove #ruggelaria #ruggelariafever #amor #liveinlove #loveisintheair

. After thousands of years of conditioning, we must tear down all the stories, all the agreements, all the fear, and all the domestication to allow love to flow freely. . Remember the light. . Remember the wild. . Remember the freedom. . Rest assured in your oneness with the Creator. . Rest assured in the flows of the universe that were so intricately designed and connected. . Rest assured in your own power. . You can do the work necessary and truly live. . 💕✨🔥👁

RISE⠀ ⠀ In the past when difficult things would happen I would always be left asking “why?” Or feeling like “this isn’t how it’s supposed to be.”⠀ ⠀ The problem with this mindset is that it blocks you from accepting opportunities for growth within the difficult season. Sometimes we get so caught up in the trappings of what it should have been that we lose sight of the beauty of how it is.⠀ ⠀ ⠀ What do you need to rise from? Is it an unhealthy mindset or limiting belief, is it a toxic way of relating to other people, or is it a past hurt that you’re holding onto with the hopes of protecting your future self? ⠀ ⠀ You are marked worthy and enough just as you are. Let that truth steep into your soul today and RISE!

#كتاب_بخوانيم ولي...ولي ممنون ميشم يادمون باشه كه تمام كتابها رو استنباطهاي ذهني افرادي مستقل يا وام گرفته و احيانا كپي از كتابهاي ديگر هم، بدانيم ! و بدانيم داريم از دريچه نگرش ديگران دنيا رو تجربه لمس و درك ميكنيم ،بشنويم ببينيم كتاب بخوانيم و حتما هم بخوانيم ولي با انتخابهاي بالغانه و بر اساس قدرت تشخيصمون، توانمنديها و ظرفيتهامون و هماهنگ با جريان زندگيمون عمل كنيم و خودمون رو رشد بديم ... بقول مامانم ندانستن عيب نيست و نپرسيدن عيب !هميشه جستجوكنيم و بپرسيم ولي قرار نيست با استنباطهاي ذهني ديگري خودمون رو ناآگاهانه و يا با زور و فشار، بالا و پايين كنيم و يك كتاب يا يك نتيجه گيري در فيلم يا رماني اثرگزار رو چشم و گوش بسته زندگي نكنيم ! تجربه كنيم اشتباه كنيم چرا كه نه ، لازمه زندگي همينه! فقط از چيزي بت نسازيم و براي هميشه وبا تعصب زندگيش نكنيم ، تجربه و زندگي كن، تجربه و زندگي كنيم #ميترانعمتي #عزت_نفس #بودن_با_هر_آنچه_هست_و_نیست #هشياري #اينك_اينجا #liveinlove #herenow #lifecoach #mithraphotography8 #mitranemati پ.ن: عكس رو از بچه هاي دبستان حدادي گرفتم

Hey there, everyone! It’s been a while since I’ve done a #fridayintroduction and there’s some new lovely folks here, so I wanted to take a moment to tell you a little about myself! - Ever since I was a little girl I had a huge soft spot for animals. I feel intensely connected to their well-being and feel their pain. I was traumatized by the movie Bambi. My Dad was a hunter growing up and he always wanted me to hunt with him. One day I finally agreed-if we could go without guns. We called the turkeys in for the fun of it-but no killing! I think every living creature has an imprint and reflection of the Divine and should be treated with respect and care. - I’m insanely intrigued by plants. I love learning about herbs and their ability to heal and create change in our bodies. I would love to take an herbalism course and hope to soon. I am also super intrigued learning about plants abilities to detoxify our environments. - When I was younger I wanted to be a National Geographic Photographer. Photography is my absolute favorite medium of art, and I miss doing my own darkroom work. Photography helps me to see beauty in the world I may have otherwise missed. - Tell me some fun facts about yourself! I’d love to get to know you more! And from me to you, welcome to my small space of the inter-webs. I’m so thankful you’re here and I don’t take it lightly. Love to you all~ - xoxo, Kim #herbalism #darkroomphotography #allisinfusedwiththedivine 📸 by @nickimetcalfphotography

Mind, body, soul... When we rest our bodies are restored... 💆🏻‍♀️🧖🏻‍♀️🧘🏻‍♀️💪🏽😊👸🏻 #loved #blessed #thankful #fitspiration #fitlife #fitness #trainer #queenin #beauty #thankful #godisgood #liveinlove #livelaughlove #fitchick #focused #sweat #workhard #keeppushing #motivate #inspire #enjoylife #meditate #restrelax #fitfluential #trainhard 📸 @kimanimedia

A deep thought I had while taking a bath the other day.

Let them catch up to you stop waiting. When the fire is in you just push forward. Dont let them tell you when to start!

#unfiltered Friday morning...and I pressed snooze. I almost skipped another workout because why not?!?? I decided not today, because we are worth it. Morning workout is ✅ To the mama who is feeling stuck because: - you haven’t worked out. - you haven’t been drinking water. - you haven’t been eating well. - you haven’t been sleeping well. - your kids (or husbands lol) are driving you crazy. - you have put self care at the bottom or even off of your list. ... you haven’t _____________. No one is judging you. No one is disappointed in you. What happens when you don’t brush your teeth for a day (yep we’ve all done it) and you realize you need to make it happen? Do you just stop altogether?!?? NO!!!! You brush your teeth. What happens when you don’t brush your teeth for 3 days (I know that’s pushing it but stay with me guys) and you realize you need to make it happen? You brush your teeth. What happens when you don’t brush your teeth for 10 days 🤓 and you realize you need to make it happen? You brush your teeth. Your first day back only lasts for one day. Whatever you’ve got to do, do it. Sending you lots of love and belief that you can do it. Pick a DAY 1 + Brush your TEETH!!!! Who’s with me next week for day 1 of a new challenge? Let’s do this!!!!! #brushyourteeth #liveinlove #starttodaynottomorrow

✨Все же читали книгу Трансерфинг и смотрели фильм «секрет»? К сожалению, полученными знаниями мы редко пользуемся. Я очень много работаю с разными людьми, в основном с женщинами, и вот что я заметила: если человек настроен на позитив, и у него даже мысли нет, о том, что-то может пойти не так, или не получится, тогда ли то всё идёт ровно, гладко, как по маслу. если человек начинает заранее паниковать, нервничать, думать что что-то не получится, То обязательно возникают какие-то такие подводные камни, о которых даже не догадываешься. И все действительно начинает идти не так🤦🏼‍♀️, на каждом этапе. Я отношусь к такому типу людей, которые живут по принципу living la vida loca 😂 поэтому все у меня получается легко. 🧚‍♀️ мне кажется, это единственный верный путь развития. Естественно я вкладываю много сил и труда во все свои проекты, но когда ты настроен на позитив 👌🏻и знаешь что все получится, то все получается, и вся вселенная тебе помогает. Совершенно случайно ты знакомишься с нужными людьми, которые сами тебе предлагают помощь каком-то вопросе, сразу находится все что нужно. в общем к чему я все это, ☺️друзья, мыслите позитивно! не допускайте в своей голове никаких негативных мыслей! если вы будете уверены что все будет замечательно, то так оно и случится! Других вариантов просто нет. 💯% . #домашняяфилосовия #ootd #fashiongirl #fashionblogger #liveinlove #whiteparty #прогулка #modelagency #girlspower

Сегодня тема не по теме. О волосах. ⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Когда мысль доходит до экспериментов, первые под раздачу попадают волосы. У всех крайне разные предпочтения в этом вопросе. Длинна, цвет, тренд и тд. Скажу самую важный элемент для меня - это состояние и качество. Любой длинны и цвета волосы будут хороши, если они живые и здоровые ( как и лицо, кожа, ногти - это другая история). ⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Мои эксперименты с волосами цикличны. Сжечь до тла, отстричь, лечить, отращивая свои натуральные, отрастить полностью свои здоровые и хорошей длинны, отдохнуть пол годика и по новой... ⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Мне нравятся длинные волосы, но и каре я очень люблю. Чешутся руки - борьба внутри. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Что делать? Что в таком случае делаете вы?)

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On Any day One Day you can change the future - through the way that you feel. #motivation #goals #positivity uplift #perth #healthylifestyle #healthylife #healthyliving #support #holisticliving #liveclean #livecleantribe #livelife #liveinlove

A photo of me sending out lots of love into the world. I hope you all can take a piece of it. Join me and send out your own love into the world every day! If someone is bothering you, close your eyes and send them even more love. Live with love in mind in all you say and do, it will completely change your life experience!

This rings so true for me. As a soon to be family of five in a 2 bedroom home, I wouldn’t change a thing. My little ones share the master bedroom (they even sleep in the same bed and it’s magic! I’ll continue this as long as their comfortable). Our main living space is bright, open, and simple. Everything has a purpose and a place. I love our cozy home and the feeling I get when we are all here. Laughing, creating, and loving.

The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper. 💫🌱 Do you feel the magic?? #feelthebliss Pic: @garrett.patz

Wild legs tonight but Im learning how to ignore that wall 🙃🙃 day 14 #pincha practice #pinchamayurasana #practicepracticepractice #yogaeverydamnday

Movement moves me ✨✨✨ . . . #yogaeverydamnday #feeltoheal #movementismedicine

I don’t post a lot of pictures of myself facing the camera with a smile, so here’s one @gracetparra snapped of me as I left our bench to make myself at home in a more comfortable seat.

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