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Squat 2 Depth Headband is still available but we don’t have many left! Grab yours before they’re gone. Obviously they give you swag points like our friend @big_dusty_ !

Gheez Hamilton is sounding like a great place right now. 335x5

FYI for Strong Like Bull December 8th Meet in Kansas City! Reach out to @jplifts_sbc

Because the woo at the end is the most and only satisfying part of the video. 330 has me feeling back in the game. . . . . . #fitness #fitfam #fitlife #instagram #instafit #goodnight #strong #powerlifting #arms #aesthetic #imback #getafterit #lift #lifting #liftagram

Keeping the eyes healthy makes everything else so much sharper ;) #healthy #checkeveryyear #animal #annual #smile #lookielookie #picoftheday

conventional is hard, I quit. 10x2 in my rare form 🤙🏼 #THIRST #teamTHIRST #powerlifting #gwpl #liftagram #deadlifts #deathlifts #hiBrian #betterthanJon🧢 @jstack61 @andrew_utterback

Who said you dont smile ?

MYSTERY SHIRT NOW AVAILABLE! ⠀ ⠀ If you just like a great deal and want to #RepTheDepth no matter what, this is for you. Grab one of our Mystery shirts for just $14.99 (discount taken at checkout). These are random designs that have nothing wrong with them but just need a home to make way for the new stuff! Visit our Last Call collection on Squat2Depth.com to order. ⠀ ⠀ Just select your size and you’ll get one of our choice. If you order multiple quantities you may get the same item. ⠀ ⠀ No Returns or Exchanges, all mystery shirt sales are final! Not valid with any other discount offer or code. ⠀ ⠀ Men and Women’s sizing are available!

Interesting 2nd part episode discussing the use of steroids in the sport and in general! Check out our friends over at @ironmindspodcast and listen to what they have to say.

STL lifter ; @nicholeholzum preps for IPL Worlds coming up November 9-11 in Las Vegas! #Repost @nicholeholzum with @get_repost ・・・ Issa a baby PR at 78kg/172lbs for two.

If you’re competing in the Red White and Blue Championship in Waynesville this weekend, here are some quick tips from your meet Director @sheenerz808 !

Our Competition Bundle Pack is live on Squat2Depth.com! Purchase a singlet (customized or standard), a competition shirt, and socks for $115 including shipping! We are also bringing our S2D bundle pack back where you can get a pair of men’s or women’s shorts, any shirt, and deadlift socks for $70 including free shipping in the US. Check them out at Squat2Depth.com

I love wearing slouch beanies, because no one can tell when my hair is in a man bun yo. Ive rarely done front squats in the past, but Ive found that it doesnt cause my sciatica to flare up, and since Im not as fat as I used to be, its easier to get into a good position. So I guess theyll be a regular thing from here on out.


Grilled cheese, with extra grilled cheese and garlic, making a grilled cheese, garlic bread combo muahahaha ;) #bejealous #nomnomnom #foodie #nature #happyface #getsome #thickthighs

Uspa Drug Tested Squat 2 Depth Summer Showdown link is up and ready to go. Link is in bio if you’d like to sign up. There will be a $1000 prize pool ($500 for best overall raw male and female lifters)


Dear Powerlifting, Meet @chleo_v_wyk , Australia’s Strongest Woman. She’ll be at the US Open in April. Competition at the top just added one more. #repthedepth @kingofthelifts #Repost @chleo_v_wyk with @get_repost ・・・ When you tap into your supa powers to lift your final set 😠😂 230kg//507lbx3x2 @squat2depth_apparel #squat2depthapparel #RepTheDepth #deadlifting #rackpulls

not my best lifts, but recent deadlift and squat action in my Johnny Cash attire! Only a couple more weeks left until @bsmitley is the boss man in charge and makes @jstack61, @andrew_utterback and myself actually do lifting things, haaaalp. #THIRST #getTHIRSTy #powerlifting #squat #deadlift #liftagram #betterthanJon🧢 #hiBrian #missyou😥 #notOrlandoBarbell

Just working on that speed speed, you know.

Coming to Collinsville, IL just outside of St Louis Area. This will be in conjunction with the CT Power Fit Expo June 8-9! Stay posted for more info! Registration will go live soon! Visit uspa.net !

Be on the look out Missouri!! Online Registration coming soon! This will be at the CT Power Fit Expo coming to Collinsville, IL, Just outside of the St Louis Area.

Just a friendly reminder to drop the weight , unless your at GoodLife, youll get your membership revoked ☹️ happy Friday everyone

Both Squat 2 Depth athletes after awards! @xtinakatarina did enough to qualify her for the Arnold as well as pull a 907 total which is a 54lb Meet PR. @megscanlift reigned supreme for the 57kg class. She broke 4 American records, totaled 1007. Well done ladies!!

hey guys I chopped my hair and I’ve been nourishing my body and really starting to take care of myself again so I’m really happy about that!!! . . . #rainydayoutfit #vegangains #girlswholift #strongwomen #motivationpost #gymig #fitstagram #fitfoodie #bodybuilding #lifting #weightlifting #veganbodybuilding #fitness #fitvegan #fitspo #motivation #healthspo #flex #liftspo #bodyposi #bodypositive #liftagram #bodybuilder #selfcarethreads #bodypositive

Squat 2 Depth wants to give a special shout out to our two athletes competing today at USAPL Raw Nationals! @megscanlift @xtinakatarina have put in some mad work this prep and I have a great feeling about the performance they will put on the platform today. Kick some butt ladies and always know Squat 2 Depth has your back!

I still lift sometimes.

250 for 5 With @viciousaloysius33 gang gang

@big_dusty_ finishing off his last heavy squat day before the October 20th Red White and Blue Championship! 540 for a double which is 11lbs over his previous single max! If you’re in prep or a USPA lifter, be sure to #uspamissouri for a repost! We want to showcase our local lifters in training as well as Meet day. #Repost @big_dusty_ with @get_repost ・・・ Last heavy squat session of this prep booooooiiiiiii! - - Stoked af with how this moved the weight was only 11 pounds off my previous max so hitting it for a double was fun. - - 540x2 Programmed: @prs_performance Built: @fitcitystl Hottie wit a body/support: @_hmcg (you crushed it b) @stronghouseproject #uspamissouri #dontbescaredhomie

So far we love the rack! Putting it to good use on #bench day with some singles at 295. 🏋️‍♂️🏋️‍♂️🏋️‍♂️🏋️‍♂️ @matt_baio315 🏋️🏋️🏋️🏋️ 📽️📽️📽️📽️ @thats__nashty 📽️📽️📽️📽️ 💀💀💀💀 #WarZone315 💀💀💀💀💀 #gains #muscle #reviews #gymreview #bodybuilder #powerlifter #bodybuilding #powerlifting #squat #benchpress #deadlift #compete #train #athlete #garagegym #homegym #gym #training #liftagram #fit #fitness #rogue #roguefitness #superman #ifbb #pnba #natural @thenattyrevolution @inbaglobal_official @intensersx04 @roguefitness @dickssportinggoods @thedorianyates @mbslingshot @garagegymreviews

Midnight Special Drop! Don’t act like you didn’t know they were coming 😂😂 Grab the new Red Deadlift socks! If you already have the black pair you can mix and match easily! Head over to Squat2Depth.Com

451 in the books and for being a bit off balance, I will absolutely take this. 474+ is going down in less than 2 weeks. Let’s go!!!!

Meet week for this young lady @megscanlift ! Currently carrying the #1 squat and bench in her weight class this year, she’s looking to put on a show and possibly crack that 1k total! Her last meet she hit a 992.

Athlete @deanrilla prepping for worlds in a month! Really excited to see what he can put together on that platform. #Repost @deanrilla with @get_repost ・・・ I don’t know what to put as the caption Shirt and shorts from @squat2depth_apparel @hellotdau @cdubpower @getrichardietryn @samhuynher @yipnotiq @will_herostrength @liftdrew @skieubear

Training Ground EAAs: 9 essential amino acids, rapid delivery, no digestion. Cherry Bomb Pop 🍒 and Georgia Peach 🍑- what’s your flavor?

Caught this gem at just the right moment. Yay for moisture in the air again. #nature #adventure #enjoylife #happyface #sun #sunset #zoomzoom

Squat 2 Depth owner @barbell_al finishing up his last few heavy bench sessions before his meet October 20th in Waynesville, MO. Shout out to brand ambassador @connorgonzalez_92 and @robbywebz for the help today as well! And of course the one and only @c.c_holcomb !! We will be back to @xercise_science tomorrow for a @c.c_holcomb Seminar!

🚨FLASH SALE🚨 Buy a pair of our Squat Shorts or Women’s Compression shorts and get two shirts for the price of one! Use code FLASHSALE at checkout for savings. Not valid with any other discount code. Also there is still free shipping for orders over $60! Take advantage of this awesome sale as it ends tomorrow at 11:59pm!! SQUAT2DEPTH.COM

Smashing 10’s with a out of place rib. Yeah....she’s a tough one! @chleo_v_wyk putting in that work for the US Open!

Do you have a business and want to Sponsor a meet in 2019?!? Reach out via DM or reach out to the following meet directors directly to see what opportunities are available next year? @jplifts_sbc - Kansas City @barbell_al - St. Louis @sheenerz808 - Springfield Area

the struggle is real with dumbell Press 🙃, welp enjoy the creeper shot view

We have a few Squat 2 Depth Headbands left! @big_dusty_ is just ecstatic to have received his! Head over to Squat2Depth.com and check out our headbands, new singlets, and all other apparel we have available!

So, this song speaks to me , could only get to 7 .... Wait a minute, 9! ⚰️ thanks @donnagabbana for the video

When the #Gym decides to celebrate #GandhiJayanti by staying closed, we tend to venture out and try new Gyms nearby.. worked out at #FitBlaze, a great gym initiative by Pramod sir, one of the best coaches in East Delhi. Fitblaze has this amazing #Energy and #PumpedUp environment to #Workout in along with an in-house diet cafe.. Had an awesome #Back session here; now time to #Fuel up. #CantMissHolidayWorkouts ... .. . #Gym #GymPartner #GymReview #Workout #Holiday #MensHealth #Liftagram #Fitness #Fitspo #Fitfam #Lifestyle #Zen #LikeMinded

Our debut logo Breast Cancer Awareness Shirts are out for the month of October! $5 from every sale of this shirt will be donated to the St. Louis Breast Cancer Coalition. Head over to Squat2Depth.com to check it out!

Happy international podcast day to our friends over at @ironmindspodcast !! Don’t know if it’s a real thing or they made it up but either way these guys are awesome and bring great content to the powerlifting community. Based out of St Louis Missouri, these 3 regular everyday lifters (2 powerlifters and 1 bodybuilder) have brought some amazing guests on and had some quality interviews. My top 2 are the @c.c_holcomb interview right after her US Open win and of course my interview discussing how Squat 2 Depth Apparel came about. Go give them a listen!! #Repost @ironmindspodcast with @get_repost ・・・ Today is #internationalpodcastday and we want to thank all of you for sticking with us thus far. We’re glad that 3 friends can come together and talk shit on anything and everything in fitness and have a fan base to back us up. We’re glad to always have @musclemonster to fuel us, @stlbarbellco for a place to train, and gear from @squat2depth_apparel and @tuffwraps to wear. We also want to thank everyone who’s ever been on the cast, or helped us get someone on the cast. We’re 65 episodes in and we’re not stopping anytime soon mother fuckers.

Still taking time off from barbell squats and deadlifts, but cleans and front squats moved well today. It was a great warmup for the arm stuff, which we all know is the priority.

Legion sports fest! Winners, smiles and doing extra workouts for fun :) Had the heaviest bench of the day out of all weight classes, finally in the big boy leagues haha. Got pulled into a reps for cash prizes with Mike ohearn, did pretty well and won that too. #legionsportsfest #mikeohearn #smile #ocean #lv #lb #koala #missing #winner

Squat 2 Depth’s Debut shirt aimed to support Breast Cancer Awareness month! Shirts go on sale Monday 10/1 and $5 from every shirt sale will go towards a donation to the St Louis Breast Cancer Coalition. Let’s come together and support the cause! #RepTheDepth and #supportthebreasts

Yeah, pressing 300 lbs over your head sounds cool and all, but you know what? It is. Smoked 280, which was my goal for the day, so I decided to yolo it, threw on 20 more lbs, and nailed it on my first try. Now I just need to do it when it counts.

Weigh ins all set and done, legion sports fest commencing in less than 24 hrs muahahaha. #legionsportsfest #bringiton #longbeach #monsters #athlete #thickfitness #oceanfront

USPA weigh ins tomorrow, tired, hangry, smelly. Prefect time for a smile and happy thoughts. Get some! #uspa #legionoffitness #longbeach #2018 #takeamoment #lv #irvine #chubbyunicornathletics

The work key recieved an upgrade. Now I take earth everywhere I go ;) with geodes. #earth #crystals #power #nature #adventure #enjoylife #smile #water #lv

Our Rep The Depth wraps are due out towards the end of October (made a slight change to the tags). They will be USPA approved for 2019 and the first set will be 2.5 M knee wraps along with 24 and 36 inch Wrist Wraps. Get ready to Rep The Depth with our new equipment line! These wraps are not for the weak...they are tough, they are stiff, but they will give you some ridiculous rebound.

If you look close enough, you can see the desert from this pic which is from the peak of the mountain Ridge :) #nature #ocean #mountain #desert #hike #foodie #tree #california

Your 2019 Gateway Classic Medals!

Since I’m about 3 weeks out from my upcoming meet, i took the new Squat 2 Depth singlets for a spin! Ohhhhh babyyy these singlets are great! Very comfortable, high quality material, and you have the option to customize it with your name or something on the back. Check them out at Squat2Depth.com

695x5 for @trapslikemountains ! His next meet is set for January 26th for a little fun at the @jbbosspartyontheplatform #Repost @trapslikemountains with @get_repost ・・・ A little bit different angle on these deads 695x5 set 3 full stop Coach @phillyoneass Pick up any of your favorite Get your @squat2depth_apparel gear today.  Use traps15 at checkout for your discount. Best fitting clothing in the industry. @kingofthelifts @squatchamps @deadlifttillimdead @valhalla_barbell_club #repthedepth #squat2depth #depthsquad #powerlifting #powerlifter #gym #instafit #liftagram #deadlift #squat #bench #liftheavyshit #fitness  #powerbuilder #bodybuilding #ipf #physique #aesthetics #fitnessmotivation #fitness #crossfit #weightlifting #uspa #uspapower #usapl #upa #spf #cornfedmotherfuckers #strengthguildpowerlifting

@_hmcg getting ready for the Waynesville Meet October 20th! A little over 3 weeks out! Don’t forget to hashtag #uspamissouri So we can find your videos and showcase our Missouri lifters #Repost @prs_performance with @get_repost ・・・ Dont blink! On the left we have @_hmcg hitting a 235lb. deadlift for a grinder a little over 2 months ago, and on the right we have Haleys 230lb. deadlift smoke show from this week. These past two weeks in general Haleys training has really taken a turn and is absolutely killing her lifts, and the biggest difference has been the repeatability of her lifts. What I mean by that is that each rep of each lift is starting to look the same. Before on squat, bench, and deadlift, day to day it was a constant struggle to try and be consistent in matching the same form set to set. With squat she was struggle with pushing too far forward into her knees. On bench Haley would tend to over tuck her elbows during the eccentric causing instability. And on deadlift she would typically pull her hips in too low and struggle to find the right tension. So what we really worked on was a repeatable process to try and find consistency rep to rep and these past two weeks things have really clicked. In the above deadlift, the biggest change is the elimination of unneeded movement. The video is cropped so that the weight starts its movement at the same time, but if I was to show the full clip of the video on the left youd see a good second of unneeded movement before her hips found the position that eventually was strong enough to break the weight off the floor. It was one thing to improve technique, but its a whole other step to learn how to make that repeatable so that no matter the loading, form looks the same and force production is optimal.

Random adventure, yes please :) #mountain #smile #hike #getsome #adventure #ocean #nature #tree #green #run #animals

Your 2019 Gateway Classic Sponsors! These sponsors have donated either product, equipment, or prizes to help keep costs low to put on a meet. Thank you to all of them for giving back to the community and the lifters here in St Louis for the Gateway Classic! If you are interested in becoming a sponsor for any meets in Missouri, feel free to shoot us a message and we can get you more information!

🚨SURPRISE DROP🚨⠀ You asked for it, it’s here and available NOW!⠀ ▪️You have the ability to customize your name/ig handle up to 14 characters⠀ ▪️There is also a non customized singlet available where the abbreviated logo is higher up in place of the name⠀ ▪️Allow a lead time of 14 business days⠀ ⠀ THE SINGLET IS AVAILABLE ON THE WEBSITE NOW!! ⠀ ⠀ #ReptheDepth on the platform with the best quality singlet you’ll come across!

@saiyanthatpowerlifts getting ready for the upcoming Gateway Classic coming in at 148lbs! #Repost @saiyanthatpowerlifts with @get_repost ・・・ 4x3x85%(400). Followed by a “cardio” set with 400x6. Shit felt super hard today, especially after squats yesterday. Next week I’ll make 87.5% look faster.

S2D 57kg Athlete @megscanlift will be at McKendree University putting on a Squat Clinic. Check out the info below from @mckendreepowerlifting and sign up early to get the early bird rate! #Repost @mckendreepowerlifting with @get_repost ・・・ Only one week left to get early bird pricing for the @megscanlift clinic presented by @squat2depth_apparel ! Heres Meg squatting only 3 lbs off the current 57 kg IPF World Record... FOR A TRIPLE. Youre not going to want to miss this one! Get registered at www.mckendreepowerlifting.com

Head bands are in! Grab yours today as we have a limited amount available! REP THE DEPTH with our new Squat 2 Depth Headbands by JUNK! @the_latless_wonder

@chleo_v_wyk hitting some 10’s in her training wearing the “only you can prevent quarter squatting” shirt! We have some sizes left however the XL’s and up are SOLD OUT! Re orders are coming soon! #Repost @chleo_v_wyk with @get_repost ・・・ Squats with 162.5kg/358lb x10x3 @squat2depth_apparel #RepTheDepth

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