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still reveling in the post-concert joy with my new favorite band tee 🤩

KING 🐀 RAT // THIRD 🌎 PLANET | these are the only videos i have of the night because the show was just too good, and i was too busy singing along and jammin out to care 🤘🏻🎶

it may not be the best photo, but it was certainly one of the best nights. i got to see my all time favorite band, @modestmouse, perform live once again. after the show, i had the opportunity to meet isaac brock, and i still cant believe that it actually happened. he has been making music as long as ive been alive, and his albums have gotten me through so many crucial points in my life. last night feels like a dream, and im so grateful for it. thank you for taking the time to chat with me, isaac - it meant the world to me. forever my favorite weirdo. ✨

Senior Year ....no 5th year 🤨....College has finessed me for too long.

Throwback to walking up and down and up and down and up and down the Thames with @joefrank87 earlier this year. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #bealpha #solarcollective #explore #sonyalpha #vsco #instatravel #yourshotphotographer #roam #igersindy1k #sonyimages #igersindy #natgeoyourshot #explore #indygrammers #moodygrams #depthobsessed #myanotherescape #travel #indygrammers

Theres fire in the sky. #indianaskies

Tour Energy Is Wild By @jlynsmith_

What are you doing?! - @avmickey 🍽 #TheBestMealIsAlwaysBrunch

I think we are setting a couple of new trends here. One of which being the vase bouquet. 💐

its the most • wonderful • time of the year 🎶🍂👻🎃🧛🏻‍♂️🕸💀🍬🎶

happiest punkin in the patch 🎃

ive never met a pumpkin i didnt like ✨

getting into the holiday spirit 🎃

working late, at least this view is nice. 🌈

🔸on wednesdays we wear orange🔸

will brake for pumpkins 🎃

pumpkin haul (so far) 😏

Evangelist Blessing This original painting is part of a series of paintings commemorating the sacraments.

“I won’t give up now...” @colonyhouse

the symbolic resonances are endless, hazel grace 💭

the jack to my sally | happy anniversary, ya dingus ❤️

s p o o k y 💀 s e a s o n

You ever played a game called LIFE??? 🎲 🎲

“There’s always hope for the broken!” - @convictionsrock

“We all fight battles in ourselves, we all fight battles all the time!” - @thegospelyouth


“Contentment is a freight train to decay!” @foralleternity

“Now I see, it’s all in seasons time.” - @valleyheartma Hammock and Joggers by @flagnorfail

Decided to have a more ~relaxed~ photo shoot for our anniversary this year. I love you more than words, the past 3 years have gone by in a blink. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for us 💖 #AdventuresofNandMD

Adrian and me Photograph by @7cheryl1999 Made with @biblelensapp

She is art 😅🖼 🖼 🖼 📸📸📸

“Believe in yourself for a change, because the sun will only shine half the time!” - @saviouraustralia

It’s October🕷The new Spider-Man game is dope. PS4 all day. The Venom movie 🍿 is playing this week. And this spider just made me think about all of this lol. But this is NOT a spider friendly environment. If it comes inside, it will die. Spider lives don’t matter inside, only outside.

“It’s not about what you have now, it’s what you have in store.” - @memphismayfire

when you realize youll be seeing your favorite band live (again!) in 3 weeks! 🐭🎵

i cant think of a caption, so heres a story: one time i was eating at @portilloshotdogs (big surprise there), and a kid was really salty about his hot dog bun having poppy seeds. he told his mom that he hated them and refused to eat. mom tells the kiddo that the seeds are, in fact, black sprinkles. kid now deems the seeds acceptable and proceeds to chow down without a fuss. kids are wild. 🌭

channeling my inner jackie burkhart 🕺🏻

“So if I sound cynical, it’s cause I’m cynical.” Honestly, @prophiphop is one of the most thought provoking “fire baptized battle rapper” and poet out there. Full video on IGTV! #shotoniphone

Pogues Run

Tumble Dry, or 1987 Car Ad.

heading to @sixflagsstlouis for the 30 hour coffin challenge like ⚰️ // jk, i wont know if im chosen to participate until october 4th 🤞🏻

forever loving fps 70s vibes ✌🏻

afternoon antiquing 🔍

“And I’ll sing about love, even when it’s so hard to trust. Still point towards compassion, though sometimes I’m scared.” - @beingasanocean

“What if your greatest fears are smaller than you think? What if your greatest dreams dont happen when you sleep? What if youre a tear from a smile? Maybe this time your fall is a flight? What if youre almost there? Almost there... Almost there... Almost...” - @andymineo @davejames #shotoniphone

SPECIAL: Waived reservation fee.

“I think we’re all lost till we’ve walked in the wilderness.” - @myepicrock Here’s the thing about the wilderness... See, John the Baptist lived in the wilderness, and saw miracles unlike anyone before him. King David hid in the wilderness, after growing up in it tending sheep, from the king of Israel before becoming king himself. Elijah came out of the wilderness to give a prophecy that rocked a nation, went back into the wilderness before another prophecy that again rocked the nation. Then again, this time wanting to die because he felt as though he was a failure! All of these major biblical hero’s spent time in a wilderness of some sort. In the same way, Jesus was in the wilderness being tempted by satan himself for forty days immediately after being baptized before having the most powerful ministry the world has ever, or ever will see. That’s the thing about the wilderness. It hurts, it scars, it’s lonely, and nothing about it is easy. But it shapes you, and without that time of brokenness, or pain, or sacrifice, or whatever your wilderness season consists of, you wouldn’t/won’t be ready for the following seasons without it. So take heart. You’re in good company. Carry on, and embrace your cross. Dying to yourself in that way will bring you more life than anything else ever could. #shotoniphone

“Ooh, remember love, remember love, what once was lost can still be sought.” - @modaspira #shotoniphone

Cotton candy skies 🍬

You can’t race Barry Allen, he’s the ⚡️Flash⚡️.

probably thinkin about food, like always 💭

“I wanna just burn all of the lies you did believe...” - @tooclosetotouchband

The best weekends are the ones spent outside.

forever torn between my love of the desert and my hatred of heat 🏜

what is your aspiration in life? // oh, well my aspiration in life would be...to be happy. 🐝

🍂had to make time for a hike this weekend🍂

Searching for the perfect apple.

Orchard day! 🍎

S/o to the Xclusive team world wide 🌎.

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