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From the trip that inspired me to quit my job and move into a van. But it wasn’t the trip, it was the people. A random assortment of folk I had never met before but soon became my family. So much dancing, so much laughing, so much ninja, and a little climbing. Let’s go back y’all. PDF represent! __________________________________ #scientiacollective #huppybar #wolfpackclimbing #joesvalley #poopydickfreud

We didn’t let the rain keep us from finding the good stuff, and hopefully you didn’t either! What kind of #adventure did you get into today? 📷: @nick.nelsen

I want to say a huge thank you to all my sponsors for helping me a long and making it possible for me to participate in some of the best races in the world. Please give them a look next time you are shopping for bike goodies. 👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇 @konabikes @flagbikerev @mrpbike @ridefastracing @rideshimano @huppybar @anvlcomponents @evocusa @dharcoclothing @wildernesstrailbikes @esigrips @bellbikehelmets @100percent_bike @dumondetech ______ 📷:@danecroninphoto ______ #konabikes #flagbikerev #mrpbike #ridefastracing #shimano #di2 #huppybar #anvlcomponents #evoc #dharco #wtb #esigrips #bellbikehelmets #ride100percent #dumondetech

My highest highs are forever met by my lowest lows. I feel like this picture truly captures how I feel about life lately. How there’s so much light in the world but how the darkness lingers and can push you down in a second. Starting the day seeing a beautiful red cardinal, then seeing two beautiful baby twins help their mother carry in groceries that were bigger than themselves. Ending this adventure by getting pushed out from this cliff by an imminent lightning storm and seeing a young man mourn over his perfect specimen of a Doberman pincher who apparently passed away from exhaustion. Darkness, light. Life, death. Good times, bad times. The best day with friends new and old, followed by feelings of loneliness and body aches. All taken as passing moments, hoping, praying, for the light to shine upon us once again. x Huge thanx to @_taryn_elise for making this epic adventure happen and for this picture! Stoked to FINALLY highline here in North Carolina. x 📸 edit by @carowinds.captured @slackind @jumperthreads @huppybar #slackline #highline #slacklife #cirquelife #blessed #circuseverydamnday #notatightrope #life #love #adventure #explore #optoutside #getoutside #mountainsarecalling #linvillegorge #nc #workhardplayharder #friends #adventurebuddies #calmbeforethestorm #storm #jumperfam #jumper #apparel #slackind #huppybar

Sunset views along The Loop. 131 miles of multi-use trail in @pima_county along four river walks and two greenways make for lots of places to enjoy a desert sunset all year round. This part of the path uses a mirror on a sharp bend in the trail to keep all the users safe. . . . Photo and Roscoe the dog courtesy of Trails Inspire founder @desertsirena

When I say I like to sleep under the stars I mean it! Here’s my setup: I use a @gossamergear Polycryo groundsheet, size large. I put it down and then run my hands over the part of the ground that will be in contact with my air mattress and remove any poky things. The second layer is a GG Thinlight 1/8 foam pad. I use it for breaks during the day and it gives my air mattress another layer of protection against the desert and more insulation (this mattress is no longer made, but it is an Airbeam Sleeper). I use a Western Mountaineering 20 degree Ultralite sleeping bag and an Exped UL pillow, size large with my buff pulled over it. I sleep so comfortably out there and one of my favorite parts of cowboy camping is seeing the stars and moon when I wake up in the night. Of course, if it is going to rain or if it’s really buggy I’ll use a tarp or a tent, but this is my favorite way to camp. Have you ever tried sleeping without a tent?

Wrapped up and put a bow on her the best I could. @transbcenduro has left me on such a high and amped to come back next year. Maybe one day Ill get a clean run at her, but it sure doesnt suck regardless! 🤙🚵🇨🇦 ______ @konabikes @flagbikerev @mrpbike @ridefastracing @rideshimano @huppybar @anvlcomponents @evocusa @dharcoclothing @wildernesstrailbikes @esigrips @bellbikehelmets @100percent_bike @dumondetech #transbcenduro #canada #mtbenduro #konabikes #process153 #flagbikerev #mrpbike #putaribbononit #ridefastracing #shimano #di2 #huppybar #anvlcomponents #evoc #dharco #wtb #esigrips #bellbikehelmets #ride100percent #dumondetech

Happy Friday! What trails will you take this weekend? . . . 📸: Spectacular light illuminates Vishnu Temple on the Tonto Trail, Grand Canyon by @desertsirena

Yesterday I had a reunion with the Crazies, a trail building crew that I volunteered on for years. Every other Thursday, no matter what the weather (even in the summer, which is why we were called the Crazies!), we went out to help build the Arizona Trail near Tucson. The average age back then was 65 and I was often the only woman on the crew. Toughest guys I know, such an inspiration to keep moving. Many of them are still volunteering doing trail work! It was a pleasure to catch up with them, we shared memories of work events and laughed a lot. It made me think of how far I’ve come. When I started volunteering with them in 2007, I’d only been on two backpacking trips and was preparing for my first hike of the Arizona Trail. I knew nothing about trail work, but once I tried it, I was hooked. Many of these guys helped with logistics and shuttles for my AZT section hikes and even joined me on a couple of sections that weren’t yet completed. (The AZT wasn’t finished until the end of 2011). Lasting friendships, even if some of us haven’t seen each other in years. I am grateful for these guys and the path that trail work has taken me on these last 11 years. Who would have thought that I’d be the one designing them with my own company @trailsinspire and writing a book on the AZT? Thanks to friend of the trail Leigh Anne Thrasher for hosting the party up on beautiful Mount Lemmon! Scroll to see some Flashback Friday pics of us from years gone by.

When things get crazy, I think back to days like these. _______________________________________________________ #scientiacollective #huppybar #jtreelife #testpieceproven #wolfpackclimbing #vanlife #flagstaff

Made my 1000th skydive on July 10, 2018! Its wild made my firstjump as a tandem student May 7, 2015 (so lost i was).....and began as a solo student April 19, 2016( begining of figuring it out)! And look at me now!!! Parachutes saved my life! Find your passion and live it everyday! Theres no time to waste! @huppybar #livehuppy #huppybar ———————_____________ #gnar #birdseyeview #welovetofly #birdman #seekyourflow #skycrack #secrettosuccess #parachute #moab #skydivemoab #skydive #skydiving_everyday #swoop #gofastdontdie #safetythird #safeish #gopro #beahero #smilesformiles #notanathlete. Photocted @bingo.bango.21 thanks buddy

Waterfall Wednesday: the third rappel in Willow Canyon, also known as Seven Cataracts in the Catalina Mountains. Sexy polished banded granite gneiss, rainbows, and a free-hanging last section make it my favorite out of the seven waterfalls on this route. Photo of @russelljamesnewberg, who also happens to be an amazing paper artist- go check his art inspired by the Sonoran Desert plants and animals on his page!

Sup Pro tip: Interpret river SUP like a skateboarder might see urban terrain....look for micro-moves to link your sequence...there’s always something fun if your willing to imagine the possibilities. @bouncesup @huppybar @accentpaddles @land_locked_surfing @surfdragon @watershed_drybags @astralfootwear @standupjournal @southernraftsupply #huppybar #supoutsidethebox #sup #paddle #watersheddrybags #nattyshred #bouncesup #densesuptheory #tuckasegeeriver #dillsboro

ACS Guide Zach ( @mountainsounds15 ) having all the fun at Otter Cliffs yesterday.

♻️ Photo by Sam Cody ________________________________________ #scientiacollective #huppybar #jtreelife #wolfpack #testpieceproven #priestdraw #flagstaff

Status: still lying on floor. Randoms from earlier: *someone* taking his time up Brethren hill, third breakfast brought to you by @huppybar, and bikes leaning against things. . #bikepacking #eatallthethings #gravel #hills #salty #huppybar #citycyclesok #velorepublic #safetypizza #salsacutthroat

On a solo backpacking trip from South Bass to Hermit, I reached Ruby Canyon only to find it dry at the trail crossing. I explored down the creek bed, found an area with some recently dried algae and dug. To my surprise, water filled the hole and I was able to get 3 gallons out of it to filter! This saved me a five-hour trip down to the Colorado River for water and was such an interesting experience. A desert miracle! . . . . #grandcanyon #TrailsInspire #VisitArizona #grandcanyontraverse #tontotrail #gossamergear #huppybar #bpmag #diversifyoutdoors #womenwhohike #grandcanyonassociation #everyonesoutdoors #igtv #igtvchannel #igtvuser #igtvcreator #igtvofinstagram #igtvvsyoutube #igtvpage #bestigtv #igtvpeople #igtvcommunity #instaigtv #igtvdaily #igtvfilms #igtvbest #igtvpower #igtvworld #igtvfollow #followmyigtv

Can we talk about how much I miss this place? How I wish I was riding the waves, playing in creeks, watching the colors change as the sun moves through the sky, gazing at millions of stars and the cloud of the Milky Way. How I want to sniff a Grand Canyon juniper while having a snack in its shade, run my hands over river-polished rocks, ponder the geology that made it all. I’d give anything to see bighorns playing on Tapeats ledges, hear the unmistakable call of the Canyon Wren, see bats flitting about, silhouetted against Canyon walls at night. . . It’s been three months since my last Grand Canyon backpack, here is a video from above Hermit Rapid. It’s a place I’ve visited many times, but never had arrived on foot before. I was also excited because reaching the Hermit Trail meant that I had connected my line from Nankoweap to Elves Chasm on my Grand Canyon Traverse project. Piece by piece, I’ll eventually cover the length of this amazing place. Can’t wait for the next section, whenever that may be. . . . @grandcanyonnps @grand_canyon_association @gossamergear @huppybar @grandcanyontrust @protectgrandcanyon @visit_arizona @nationalparkgeek @usparksandmonuments @womenwhohike @nationalparklife @she_explores @instagramaz @hikearizona @arizona_hiking @arizonahighways @letskeepitwild @backpackermag @backpackingculture @americanhiking @americantrails @goparks @idhikethat @melaninbasecamp @outdoorasian @whyilovewhereilive @wyldergoods

👣🌲🤗😋🤗🌲👣 . . Because #trailsisters are #sisters on and off the dirt paths. And because Trailsisters know what it means to #livehuppy. . .LOOOOOOVE my new #trucker - Thank you, Lyndsay and @runsunnyrae for this awesome surprise !! . #trailrunning #ultrarunning #raceweekend #raceprep #ochoco #cruxridgerunning #herewecome #huppybar #andtheycallithuppylove #bestthingyoullputinyourmouthallday #everydamnday . 📸July 5, 2018

After a long hike in this summer heat, this @huppybar is exactly what I need! . . —- Try them today! Use the code Huppy30 at https://www.huppybar.com/ to get 30% off your purchase! 📍White Plains, NY . . . . . . #huppybar #siggpay #foodiecubes #nutritionbar #snack #snackbar #health #healthybar #livehuppy #nutrientdense

HIKING DEAL UPDATE! I’m currently snacking with some friends and comparing what we eat when hiking. Food, gear and poop. That’s the majority of trail conversation. Anyway, I wanted to show case a company that I really like because of its message and its awesome outdoor lifestyle product: @huppybar . Lyndsay Hupp is a wildlife biologist that started a snack bar company with all natural ingredients to fuel her when she is rafting the Grand Canyon. It has quickly become a standard on my hikes because it is so dense and I can literally FEEL the difference in long term energy I get from Huppybars versus my old snacks of Nature Valley bars. Yuck. Huppybars come in a lot of different flavors that are different from the boring old peanut and cholocate combo. My favorite is Pecan Orange Spice. I talked to Lyndsay about how much I liked her products and she gave me a promo code to share with all my awesome followers!!! Go to www.Huppybar.com and use the promo code KAYDUBS for a one-time use Buy One Dozen Get One Free discount (to use: add two dozens to your cart, apply discount at checkout, then the price of one Dozen will be removed). Lemme know which flavor you like the most! Side note: Lyndsay donates to non-profits dedicated to get kids outside. ❤️ #smallbusiness #huppybar #adventure #trailfood #hiking #supportsmallbusiness #adventurefood #organic #healthysnacking #livehuppy #glutenfree #realfood #local

I was lucky enough to spend my morning with two awesome guests. Jon and Corinne got to sample some of the finer climbing at a zone right on the beach while the morning fog finally lifted.

ACS Guide @nick.nelsen got to spend the morning by the beach with this awesome pair from Memphis. Seriously, how cool is @acadianps ?

@rocks.n.pearl navigating some 🔥slab.

These people are awesome 👍 We had a lot of fun playing in an empty park yesterday! I hope I get to see them again, maybe on their turf? #mojaveguides #joshuatree #nationalpark #rockclimbing #jtreelife #huppybar #vivapuertorico🇵🇷

I’ve been in the Chicago suburbs where I grew up for the last 11 days. Trips home always remind me not only of where I come from, but also how I’ve grown and changed as an individual. The visual reminders, photos on mantles of past fashions and hairstyles. Realizing that most people here don’t recreate like I do, if at all. Driving in the old neighborhood - remembering where I played as a kid, spots I escaped to in high school, people I’ve known, jobs I’ve had. Being with my family and my friends. I moved away to Arizona in 1994 and it completely changed my life in many different ways. When I visit I often wonder what my life would be like if I’d stayed. Would I live in the suburbs or the city? Who would I have married instead? What would my week look like? And would I have ever explored the outdoors? I thought about how different being 44 is than I thought growing up. I love the life I have made for myself and I would never have imagined the myriad twists and turns. Pretty soon I’ll be back to posting Saguaros and desert sunsets. These photos were taken during a night out with my best friend @kristinmichael that included a photo shoot on the Prairie Path Trail in Crystal Lake. (figures I’d find a way to be on some sort of trail no matter where I am.) I love these photos.

My @huppybar shipment could not have come at a better time! With all the craziness of moving to a new city and exploring the outdoors, these nutrient dense and flavorful bars are just what I need! . . —- Try them today! Use the code Huppy30 at https://www.huppybar.com/ to get 30% off your purchase! 📍White Plains, NY . . . . . . #huppybar #siggpay #foodiecubes #nutritionbar #snack #snackbar #health #healthybar #livehuppy #nutrientdense

@huppybar and @neutrogena, the two things that make the day at Otter Cliffs perfect. [swipe for more] #barharbor #barharbormaine #maine #summeradventure #summer2018 #mainelife #barharbor2018 #betterwhenweretogether #timetogether #huppybar #delishious

So happy to have @huppybar with me today at the beach. What a great snack to keep you full and full of energy. My favorite is the Apple Cinnamon Raisin. 😍 Use code “huppy30” for 30% off - link in bio.

Julia and I had a great morning climbing classic JT routes! We managed to stay one step ahead of the sun the whole time :) #mojaveguides #joshuatree #nationalpark #rockclimbing #desertalpine #multipitch #80degrees #jtreelife #huppybar

Hey foodies! I know most of the time we are snapping pictures of pizzas, mac and cheese, fried chicken and basically everything that’s not healthy! But today I’m here to tell you about @huppybar !! Use 30% off code “Huppy30” This companies creator has put together her favorite cravings and creativity to the lifestyle of healthy eating. Huppy was designed to be a perfect snack for outdoor adventures or in everyday life. These bars are organic, gluten free, nutrient dense, and delicious! They have so many flavors to choose from to satisfy your taste!! My favorite is the chocolate berry, with ingredients like (*ORGANIC): Nuts & Seeds (almonds, sunflower seeds*, sesame seeds*, flax seeds*, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, cashews), gluten free oats*, tapioca syrup*, locally sourced honey, cranberries (cranberries, apple juice), unsweetened chocolate (100% cacao), blueberries*, nutritional yeast, sea salt, spirulina, vanilla extract* Make sure to follow their story and try these yummy protein bars!🌵🌎☀️🏋🏽‍♀️ _ _ _ #healthyfood #healthy #healthylifestyle #arizona #foodie #foodblog #foodporn #protein #proteinbars #glutenfree #outfoors #adventure #healthyeating #healthyrecipes #healthyeating #organic #foodblog #eatingfortheinsta #eatiingwith_e #siggpay #huppybar #huppy #travel #eeeeeats #newhaven #ctfoodie #nycfoodie #cheflife🔪 #sports #foodforfuel #almonds #oats

Woot woot! At the Big Mountain Enduro in Crested Butte this weekend @scott.countryman.14 took home 2nd place and @alex_pavon4 took home 4th! @jessecalvin1 and @lordofchunder were also out there showing folks Flagstaff is boss . . . Repost from @scott.countryman.14 using @RepostRegramApp - Ripping day in Crested Butte at the @bigmountainenduro. In the lead going into day two 🤙 _______ 📷:@jessecalvin1 _______ @konabikes @flagbikerev @mrpbike @ridefastracing @rideshimano @huppybar @anvlcomponents @evocusa @dharcoclothing @wildernesstrailbikes @esigrips @bellbikehelmets @100percent_bike @dumondetech #crestedbutte #colorado #bigmountainenduro #konabikes #flagbikerev #mrpbike #ridefastracing #shimano #di2 #huppybar #anvlcomponents #evoc #dharco #wtb #esigrips #bellbikehelmets #ride100percent #dumondetech #mtbenduro

Those days when you dont think you want to train, but then you get on the bike and cant stop grinning and shredding @bikeonscott @huppybar #mtblife #huppybar #livehuppy #raceface #sunrace #ridebearded

Tennessee waltz. _______________________________________________________ #scientiacollective #huppybar #jtreelife #wolfpack #testpieceproven #chattanooga

Switchbacking down to the Utah border on the Arizona Trail, the edge of the Kaibab Plateau sweeping into the Coyote Valley. Last week, I began research for my book with @wildernesspress - Day Hikes on the Arizona National Scenic Trail. Much of Arizona is closed due to extreme fire danger so I headed north to the Stateline Trailhead and Kaibab Plateau. This was the first hike and though it was warm when I started the payoff was this spectacular sunset. I can hardly believe this is what I get to do, visit all the best parts of the AZT and write about and photograph them. So grateful for this opportunity. . . . . @visit_arizona @arizonahighways @instagramaz @hikearizona @arizona_hiking @americanhiking @backpackermag @outsidemagazine @explorearizona_ @womenwhohike @melaninbasecamp @she_explores @womenontheroad @mypubliclands @trails50 @nationaltrailssystem @unlikelyhikers

Waterfall Wednesday throwback: Loowit Falls from the Eagle Creek Trail - Columbia River Gorge, Oregon

I have been doing flippy-floppies in holes for the past month, now I am excited to be doing some flippy-floppies on some waves this next week 📸 @garrettmadlock @pyranhaus_official @wernerpaddles @nrsweb @astralfootwear @sheshredsco @huppybar @worldclasskayakacademy #pyranha #pyranhakayaks #pyranhajed #werner #wernerpaddles #wernerambassador #wernerdoublediamond #nrs #nrsweb #sheshreds #sheshredscocrew #astral #astraldesigns #huppybar #livehuppy

Hey @lyndsayhupp I just ate a @huppybar I found in my river gear from last season!! Haha still as yummy as ever! And I found two more! #winning #huppybar #eatlocal #feelgoodfood

2nd breakfast. When you’re 45 minutes down the trail for the day and you realize 1st breakfast was just an appetizer.

Sound on for this unusual video of Deer Creek in Grand Canyon to hear the lovely sound of water rushing through the desert. Deer Creek is a tributary of Grand Canyon located at River Mile 136 and this footage is from the Patio, a popular stop for river runners and backpackers alike. From the Kaibab Paiute Tribe: “Deer Creek is very important in Southern Paiute history and culture. Deer Creek Falls carry water from the Kaibab Plateau to the Colorado River. In addition, this place is linked to places within and outside the Canyon. The area was used throughout the year for farming, hunting, camping, gathering, and ceremonies. It served as a region of refuge during European encroachment into Southern Paiute territory, and the perennial stream is considered vital to Southern Paiute culture. The area’s waterfalls are linked to stories, and important plants include cacti, agave, willow, and watercress. Please remember to always respect the peace and tranquility of the narrows as well as others who are down there as well.” . . . @arizonahighways @visit_arizona @instagramaz @explorearizona_ @see_arizona @grandcanyonnps @nationalparkgeek @national_park_photography @usparksandmonuments @grand_canyon_association @protectgrandcanyon @grandcanyontrust @waterfallsfordays @bestwaterfalls @waterfalls_collective

Looking forward to monsoon skies and rainbows - forecast shows for a possible start to the season this week!

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