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Thoughts on a Thursday! . Keep your circle positive Speak good words Think good thoughts Do good deeds . It’s only 4 things. They don’t cost a thing. Try it out. Not only will it help YOU but all the other lives you will touch today. . #thursdaythoughts #mindsetmatters #positivevibes #freeadvice #dailylife #morningmotivation #coachlife #spreadloveandjoy #busymomlife #startyourdayright #outdoorsgirl #helpingothershelpsyou #bepositive #brightensmyday #dogooddeeds #mindsetiseverything #circleofpower #happythoughts

T H U R S D A Y I am so excited after an awesome business meeting last night! I love that I can help so many girls to earn extra money and upgrade their life style!! I am so tired today after last night but I have had a lovely chilled morning with my boy and now going to reply to all my messages and getting all you started on this amazing opportunity! I cannot wait to see what the future brings for you! . . . . . #buildingmydreams #businessbuilding #helpingothershelpsyou #cosy #bed #relaxing #interiors #interiors123 #interiordecor #bedroomdecor #greyandwhite

Today some of our Eagles spent time volunteering at the Akron-Canton Regional Foodbank. 4878 lbs of breakfast sandwiches were processed and 3902 meals will be served as a result!!! Great job everyone! We will be heading back again in 2 months, mark your calendar for Wednesday, September 19th!! @acrfoodbank thank you for having us! @teamrwb #Eagles #EagleFire #TeamRWB #WeDontJustRun #WearTheEagleWednesday #AkrunEagles #CAKEagles #volunteer #helpingothershelpsyou

Struggles make me stronger, if it was to easy i would quit. Dont think about the problem start thinking about the solutions! #personaldevelopement #personalgrowth #mentor #investor #trader #forex #finacialyindependent #lifegoals #coachingpeople #lifecoach #lifedevelopment #lifestyle #network #helpingothershelpsyou

At first they’ll ask WHY & then they’ll ask how...😊 I get asked all the time HOW.. 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻 let me tell you a story... . . I used to TRY to workout on my OWN. 🤦‍♀️ * I was inconsistent, lacked community && longed for the support I didnt even know existed. And I never really believed working out for me could become a positive space {**because it always seemed like a struggle on my own} * But all of this changed when I was finally lucky enough to find a workout coach and my life changed with the community I was introduced to. Not only did I reach new levels in my own fitness, I found a passionate I never knew I had. * My coach taught me... * ✅Helping people with their workouts was actually something I was DESTINED to do {**because all I’ve ever REALLY wanted to do since I was a kid was help people}. #teachermommy * ✅ Working out doesnt have to be PAINFUL. It can be about falling in love with your body for EVERYTHING it CAN do! I love that I can now help people fall in ♥️ with fitness, and love themselves a little more. * ✅Having a sisterhood of women who encourage and support each other is the key to my success and consistency. I dont show up for just me anymore. I show up for my #fitfam and helping other women stay committed to themselves. * So if youve been thinking about trying something new, you LOVE helping people, and fitness is a part of your life, drop and emoji and lets chat 💜

Charlene Matabaro came to the U.S. speaking a mere three languages, but no English. That wasnt going to stop her from pursuing her education, and in months she was speaking English and signing up for more courses at Northern Virginia Community College (NOVA). With a friends amazing help, we were able to secure her a full tuition scholarship at my alma mater here in southern California - Hope International University HIU), in Fullerton,  which has a great school of psychology. But we need your help so she can live on campus to be close to classes, the library, and experience the full scope of student life! https://www.gofundme.com/charlene-needs-room-amp-board @charlenematabaro is excited to pursue her degree and return to Congo, armed with an education focused in child development, to invest in a country and people who have deep trauma from more than two decades of armed conflict. Charlene is also trained in Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.s principles of peace and nonviolence from the University of Rhode Islands Peace & Nonviolence Center, adding that knowledge to offer trauma healing and paths to help raise up a new generation of peaceful leaders in Congo. I spoke to her about the training, and she shared,  in wonderment, at how the training changed HER perspective on her own internal struggles and her outlook on handling inevitable conflict, and then voiced her thinking on how the world might operate if everyone were trained in these principles of peace. Any amount you can give is an investment in a unique, driven woman, seeking education and training to make a real difference in this world. Thank you! https://www.gofundme.com/charlene-needs-room-amp-board #peaceeducation #womenrock #dogsofinstagram #helpingothershelpsyou #congo

Baby Bella needs prayers now!!! Her stem cells came back and they will not work for her transplant! Please pray for her and her family that new treatment options will be available! We love you Bella ❤️❤️❤️ @milyfer2010

I’m still riding high from a message I got last night from a long time friend. She hit a goal of losing 10lbs by her birthday (2 days ago)!! . It’s true that by helping others, you help yourself! And I whole-heartedly agree with her, with this nutrition program, I’ve never felt so in control! Don’t get me wrong, portion control and calorie counting works, but by giving your MIND the right tools, it’s AMAZING what your body can do! She (and so many others including myself) look at food differently now, I can’t explain it. You just have to try it. . Want more info? Comment below, or send me a message. No strings attached, I promise! I’m just here to help and I’m cheering for ya 😘

Missing my baby girl after two massive, fun weeks of hanging out together over the school holidays 💜 Its crazy what we get use to. Love the lazy mornings, the late movie nights. Whats not to love about being Mum 🤷‍♀️ Working with seriously cool clients though, is just as rewarding when it comes to *the other work* 👩‍💻 Its funny, because the Mum in me comes into work everyday, as I *look out for* my clients on their Socials, to see how well theyre doing after their coaching sessions. I watch their confidence grow, as they reignite their passion for social media and use it to build their brand presence & promote their business. Sometimes its just a lack of confidence in themselves, [their passion for their business is there, and thats their greatest asset] so teaming this up with a bunch of great tips + ideas, they become re-inspired by their Socials, taking them to a whole new level 💫 Love it. I feel so proud of them, yep, I guess thats the Mum in me right there 😌 #helpingothershelpsyou Photo by the beautiful @bakedgoodsdesign

Enough said. Make a life worth living. ❤️ #theresmoretolife #helpingothershelpsyou #makeadiffernce #aspirations #makingaliving #makealife

#ThoughtOfThatDay When you run across that one post that resonates on so many levels. You share it! #Pinit “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” You never know.... ・・・・ #Repost courtesy of @ariannahuff ・・・・ Research shows that volunteering and service do as much for the giver as for the recipient. To cite just one example, #volunteering is connected to lower rates of depression. . How do you stay active in your community and give back? . . #tuesdaythoughts #repostworthy #sharingiscaring #helpingothers #HelpingOthersHelpsYou #LifeChallenges #eachoneteachone #quotestoliveby #quotes #dailyquotes #motivation

I ran / walked around 32km in the rain today and loved it. I visited Geoff, Cristina and Ritchie. Delivered Primed organic vco and discussed Primed corporate seminars to help lots of people. I love meeting people who want to help themselves and their colleagues. That’s Primed. #onceyouknowbetteryoudobetter #sunshineisenergy☀️ #energyislife❤️ #helpingothershelpsyou

My passion is helping people. What is your passion? Are you following your dreams or just doing what you feel you have to do to get by? Dream big, Now dream bigger. Happy Tuesday #tuesdaytransformation #motivation #getup #todayistheday #newattitude #dreambig #dreambigger #helpingothershelpsyou #passion #weddingplanner #sayido #theweddingpantry #lismore

Únete cómo voluntario a nuestra campaña #969 #despiertate #orphanage #love #helpingothershelpsyou #blessed #grateful @despiertateong ⬅️síguenos

Its Monday after a whirlwind weekend of friends and fun. I soaked up some sun, dipped my toes in the ocean, and refilled. . . ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Now it is back to the week, and I am keeping my eye on the beautiful fullness I took away with the weekend. Mondays can feel tough, or they can be a reminder that what we are passionate about is how we also happen to sustain our lives. If you dont love your job, if you are feeling humdrum about Monday, it may be time to start considering something new. ⠀⠀ . .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ I love helping people, changing lives, seeing transformation, and knowing each person I exchange energy with is gifting me so many lessons as well. I am building my team and looking for people whos passions and values match mine. If that sounds like you, lets connect! ⠀⠀⠀ . . . . .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #mondaymotivation #teambuilding #brandpartner #fueledbypurium #coronadosunset #healthylifestyle #helpingothershelpsyou #clairityoutloud #clairchronicles #loveandlight_c #buddhapants @buddhapants #beachvibesonly #oceanfront #livingmeditation #genie #joinmyteam #buildinganempire #millionmommovement #mompreneurs #girlboss #myownboss #blackwomanentrepreneur

The world was almost at the point of forgetting what a fine time people can have helping one another. That people like to work together and to kick back after work and share their experiences. What would happen if our foreign policy centered on the cultivation of joy rather than pain? #foodforthought #letsbuildanempire #helpingothershelpsyou #wfgbaby #nevergivinguponmydreams #doit #thinkbig #timetoshine #success #womenwithambitionsandgoals #walkyourtruepath #wontstop #bebetter #buildingabetterme Beautiful office !

#helpingothershelpsyou 🌱

Energy Vampires are mostly people who feed off the energy of other people. Most of us have experienced that person at work, a friend, or even a stranger who just seems to drain all the energy out of you. You will likely feel tired after you stop talking or interacting with them. Empaths are often the target of these people. Energy Vampires tend to repeat patterns of behavior such as being very negative, wanting help yet ignoring all your advice, emotionally needy types or a complete drama queen. . . I know you have a vision in your mind right now of a few people that fits this description, its okay, we all have them! . . Here is a scenario that happens to me all to often. I’m in the checkout line at the grocery store and the person in front of me turns and begins to tell me their life story. Johnny is not behaving and giving them anxiety, Aunt Martha is so sick its taking a toll on their finances because other family members won’t help support, AND, their sex life is a mess because their spouse is self absorbed and emotionally unavailable! Not only do they continue to talk while they have checked out and its your turn, they wait and follow you to your car continuing the exchange of your positive energy with their negative all while sucking the life right out of you without ever getting their name! . . Holy Crap Right?? The good news is that there are ways to prevent this from happening to you. My go to way is to create a protective shield by closing my eyes and imagining a bright white bubble around me and calling upon Archangel Michael for protection. I ask that no energy be exchanged or cords to be formed with the person I am encountering. It takes practice but well worth the effort! Instead of carrying crystals in my pockets for protection, I have created a line of skin care that will have you bathed in protection and healing all day 👼🏼💞💎

Words to live by. I am always striving to make myself a little bit better on the inside. From what I read, listen to, what I think and who I surround myself with. We ALL have work to be done. Why not do them with these as our goals! Happy Sunday! #mantras #wordstoliveby #sundaymornings #deepthoughts #innerwork #healthiswealth #whatyouputinyourbodymatters #givelovegrowdreams #beautyfromwithin #helpingothershelpsyou #whatyouthinkyoubecome #lawofattraction #cooltobekind #leadwithlove #vulnerability #restorepeacewithin #quiettimebuildingdreams #manifestingdreams #findingpurpose #becauseofmywhy

#helpingothershelpsyou #truth

🛑STOP🛑 If you really wanna know what motivates me & WHY I do what I do... take 120 seconds to watch these ✌🏼 videos. [SWIPE ↔️] The second one means the 🌎 to me. . It means so much I’m posting this on the weekends so you can [turn 🔊 on]. IF YOUR BUSY, please save it and watch it later. . “Your happiness is positively correlated to your willingness to help others” - - #pleasewatch #pleasecareaboutothers #donttakelifetooseriously #helpingothershelpsyou [👶🏻 #wigsforkids ] [✂️ - @timothy___harper + @mrsbcarrowood ]

It’s 0430 am, and here I am, doing a job I love... working the telephone advice nurse lines, talking to people ages 0 to 100, from coast to coast, with every ailment you can imagine... reaching out for a friendly and knowledgeable nurse to guide, educate, console, advise them... . I feel privileged to get to do this job. To be a nurse in any arena is hard work- my days in the ER were so very challenging .. and yet, so very rewarding too..! I do miss those days and nights ... but I sure do love THIS gift of a job!🙌❤️ #nurselife #lovemyjob #advicenurse #helpingothershelpsyou #somebodysgottadoit #gratefulmama #workingfromhome

Caregivers know the secret: we arent just helping the children we care for; they are helping us! Please share with us how the children you care for are helping you. #allianceforchildwelfare #thisisfostercare #helpingothershelpsyou

🌼Affirmation: I am Beautiful and Worthy. I deserve the best in life and I choose to surround myself with loving, supportive thoughts and people. . . Bring those beliefs into the Light of your consciousness and feel fabulous! 👼🏼🦋🌻👸🏼🤴🏼

April 2018 I was Kicked out of grad school after dealing with some family trauma I fell .08% short of a B and was kicked out. I found myself hurt and angry but I didn’t give up. Less then 1 day of being kicked out I was granted reentry on probation and couldn’t start till June. June 1,2018 I lose one of my best friends, June 6th I started class, June 9th we laid him to rest. I wanted to give up so bad but something kept pushing me, something said keep going. I still want to give up y’all sometimes but I know I can’t and i won’t. I know your watching me, my son is watching me the strength you left me I found and I hope the rest of us do to. Thank you. Through all struggles and challenges he allows me to prevail. Thank you God! Ima keep going bro you’ll walk with me across that stage December 2019! #masterhumanservices #futuresocialworker #abusecounselor #nonprofit #organizationalskills #helpingothershelpsyou #tony2x

Im gonna tell you something. Each time we reach the peak of our happiness and feel good until something breaks us and makes us feel sad, failed or just having to fall to the ground again, not knowing how it happened or how we got there again, do not worry because everything is fine. It was the beginning of something but the end too, a cycle closed and a cycle ready to begin. Your mind and heart are asking you to start a new cycle. Do not fear what has not happened yet. Be patient, you will get where you want to go. RicardoFerreira. #headsup #love #mindfulness #enjoy #feel #meditation #helpingothershelpsyou #bepresent

So true!! #4yearssober #helpingothershelpsyou

The true definition of a team 🙏🏼Together Everyone Achieves More. . . Thank you Jia and Jose for coming out all the way from Orlando...🛬🛫 . . Thank you Joshua and Manuel for the endless support!!! 💪🏼 . .

Mondays are awesome! 🌟 Why? Every new week means there are new people to Help. 😎 . There’s something epic being involved in a global community of helpers. 🌍🙏 Join in the good vibes today! 🤩 Link in Bio

What could an extra $275 help you with right now? Debt? Medical expenses? Back to school clothes? Unexpected emergencies? I dont know about you but $275 sure could come in handy for us! And this month Plexus is offering double rank up bonuses which means you could join right now and end July with an extra $275 in your pocket!! #noliein No running a business, no starting a part-time job, just taking charge of your health and finding 3 friends that want to do the same. Thats it! 🙌 Ill guide you step by step so youre never alone and come August youll have some extra #chaching💰 in your pocket!! Whos in?! ✋️ ⠀⠀ #extracash #payoffdebts #backtoschool2018 #funmoney #helpingothershelpsyou #julybonus #rewardingcompany

🚨🚨NEW SUCCESS ALERT🚨🚨 . ⚡️Huge congratulations to Cristofer Roque on smashing P150.... P600 is already DONEEE‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️ This young man hasn’t even been on the business for two weeks and he’s already hitting ranks..!⚡️! I remember when he first started he was super skeptical about everything, but had one thing clear... “His WHY”....& when the WHY is strong the HOW is irrelevant.. . ⚡️He’s the true definition of hard work and now excuses. I’m very proud of you brother..👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 . ⚡️Today we celebrate your success 📢🔝🎉‼️ . #success #patience #hardwork #smartwork #revolucionfinanciera #helpingothershelpsyou #mypeople #p150 #concistency

I feel honored to have my podcast with some of the greats! #Ifnothingeverchanges #Juststarting #bringngvalue #helpingothershelpsyou @everydayissaturday @tnqpodcast @jeffyalden Thanks for the inspiration!

Yesterday was sooo much fun from and art perspective as well as filling from a heart perspective. Since becoming an artist at @maccosmetics I have had so many more opportunities to use my passion to help others, yesterday myself , @livesinspace , @mandamichellel , and @joelburrage had the pleasure of volunteering at #baileyboushayhouse for their annual prom. It was soo much fun getting to know the clients there and they are hilarious 😆. #volunteer #helpingothers #helpingothershelpsyou #everyfacehasastory

@teameddie_familystrong got his blanket! He loves it! Please send prayers so that Eddie stay strong and prove cancer picked the wrong kid ❤️💪!

Who would love to help kids but also earn a little extra? If you really want to help and you have extra $10, please comment below and when the project will be ready to go alive will let you know and present everything 💕 #kids #helpingkids #helping #helpingothers #helpingothershelpsyou #donations #donationsneeded #crypto #cryptonews #ico #erc20 #eth #ethereum #trading #cryptotrading

Work, work, work...it’s all good when you love what you do! It’s a great accomplishment to get to a point in your life where you’re working hard but loving every minute of it. For me, I want to guide people to live their best life by learning healthy habits. That encompasses eating, exercise, self love, setting boundaries and beyond. I have acquired many tools in the past few years and I am excited to share them with anyone who will listen. I love discovering new friends who teach me new ways to improve my life through wellness and love. #workworkwork💪 #lovingwhatwedo #findyourpurpose

Someone made a comment about my teeth recently so I thought I would post what I do. #simpleandeasy I am sure there are several other ways. This is just what I do. #donthate Activated Charcoal(any brand) Open a capsule and pour out Brush your teeth with it (i use a seperate toothbrush for this) it can be messy WAIT about 5-10 minutes (if u swallow a little its OKAY if u swallow alot it might cause u some issues) Brush your teeth with ur toothpaste Put some good lipbalm on and SMILE. MY FAV IS SOOTHING TOUCH VANILLA CHAI LIP BALM. Its vegan for all my vegan folks. #goals #helpingothershelpsyou #simpleandlowmaintenance😉💪🏼💁🏽💯💜

One of the biggest keys to my success in all aspects of my life is always being willing to help others in their efforts to reach for the stars. Some people feel that there is only so much success to be had out there in the world. This thinking leads to people hoarding resources, horsing knowledge, to closing themselves off to others to protect what they perceive as their advantages. Not only does not helping others only succeed impede your journey of success, it can completely derail it. When you view your success as exclusionary of others succeeding, it actually changes how you make decisions as you use your fight our flight brain in place of the bigger better reasoning engine. #helpingothershelpsyou #helpingothers #helpingotherssucceed #keystosuccess #keystohappiness #successcoach #findingsuccess #leadershipdevelopment #fullpotential #reachyourpotential #lifehack

Empowering other women is empowering yourself! So glad to be a woman Glad to support women Thankyou God for making me, ME !! #proudtobeawoman#gratitudetograce #empoweringwomennow #feelinggreat #feelinggrateful #prayerpower #helpingothershelpsyou #beingresourcefulwithwhatihave #womenwinners

“You gone TELL ME... you don’t have no whistlin’ bungholes, hookser-doos, hookser-dont’s ⁉️” ➖ #TheRealJoeDirt #mullet #donate #childrenwithhairloss #helpingothershelpsyou #🇺🇸

Todays #SameHere🤙 Hero: Justin from @projecthelping. I was intro’d to Justin by a friend, & his story wowed me.  He had everything in the world he wanted at a young stage in his professional career. Why?  Because when he was younger, it appeared to him, outwardly, like the happy ppl were the ones with many things or stuff as he calls it. . So, to work on his own unhappiness, he thought, the way to get there was to compile his own stuff. Unfortunately, he learned the hard way that stuff doesnt bring us true happiness. . By chance, w nothing else exciting him, he volunteered at an event...& by volunteering, & giving back to others, he found what TRULY makes ppl happy. With this newfound knowledge, he began volunteering more, & even decided to pay it forward multiple times over, by starting his own organization: Project Helping. . Justin knows that just like TSRR Practices, giving back to others is another powerful way to improve & maintain your MH.  Im so struck by his story & passion, that not only will Justin be joining the #SameHere Advocacy Alliance as an individual, but we will be starting up a whole new Alliance subcategory for #SameHere Organizations/Non-Profits, & Project Helping will be the first member.  Thank you for sharing your story, Justin! . “Looking back, I first started to struggle when I was in 7th grade. I grew up in a small town - 900 ppl small. The understanding of small towns is that everyone knows everything about everyone. What that really means is, no one really knows anything about anyone. That is to say that I never knew a single person who was specifically diagnosed w a mental wellness issue. I didnt know it was a thing. I just thought this was how I was & how I was going to be. . So I struggled, silently, not knowing that I could get help, or even that getting help was a thing.  The next 15+ yrs would be spent not talking about my mental health & not doing anything about it. When I looked at ppl who I perceived to be happy, they all seemed to have one thing in common, they had cool stuff. (Remainder of his awesome story in link in profile). . #SameHere #Volunteering #helpingothershelpsyou #givingback #healing

Service saves lives! You can help pull others out of the pit of processed food addiction, and save your own life in the process. Its really possible. What a great way to strengthen your own program :) #service #DrJoanIfland #addictonresetcommunity #ProcessedFoodRecovery #helpingothershelpsyou #Tuesday

On a scale from 1️⃣ to 🇺🇸 ... How’m I doin⁉️ (2,000 likes and the #mullet stays). . All joking aside... it’s time to pass my hair to a kid that needs it (via @cwhl_org ). Life is precious & I can’t imagine navigating it as a kid with hair loss in a society where bullying is turning into a life or death situation. . This is my stance on bullying. To the kid getting my hair - stay strong. And remember 👉🏼 You’re beautiful no matter what... (even with a mullet 😂😂).STAY TUNED for the full 🎥. [✂️styled by @timothy___harper ]. . #fuckbullying #Murica #MyNewNameIsRusty #ChildrenWithHairLoss #helpingothershelpsyou #LIVEALIFEUNCOMMON #lkn

I love helping people and this is confirmation that Im serving my purpose💯❤💪🏽😁 #godsplan #blessed #anointed #purpose #helpingothersbesuccessful #helpingothersbehealthy #helpingpeoplegetfit #helpingothershelpsyou #doyouneedhelp

Can I share something from my heart? ❤️ * For the last few weeks I have had a heavy heart, and struggled with a few things on my mind. I started believing all those negative thoughts about myself that sometimes run through my mind. I fell into the dark pattern of self pity and self loathing. What did I do about it? I sat on my ass. I stuffed my face with junk. I was on social media filling my eyes with “feel good” stories, funny skits, and a fair share of cute kittens and pandas. AKA: didn’t do a thing to help myself get out of that rut. * But then a friend called and was in need. * This friend means THE WORLD to me. They too were stuck in an emotional vortex. I found myself able to talk them through it and helped them to love themselves again. Every word that came out of my mouth was something I needed to hear too. And it struck me: * Helping others will always help your heart grow. * Helping that person helped me. * So we decided on this awesome new thing. We are accountability partners in making sure that each day we do something good for ourselves, and we decided to use the hashtag #Watchme * #Watchme take better care of myself #Watchme become who I want to be #Watchme grow from my mistakes #Watchme build a beautiful life #Watchme stop holding back * So if by chance you are reading this and you too need to pull yourself out of your rut, join us in this daily practice. Do something everyday for your body, mind or soul- something that is true to the person you are and the person you want to be. I promise you that you will feel proud of yourself for finally taking care of yourself the way you should always have been! #Watchme * #Watchme #Friends #HelpOthers #BeGoodToYou #CreateYourLife #BuildYourselfUp #HelpingOthersHelpsYou #GetOutOfYourRut #ControlYourThoughts

Truth is... this is the result of my constant journey to surround myself with people who support me. . Yeah... sure we can be successful on our own. But when we find people to share those little moments of success (or struggles)...... that’s where the magic happens 🙌🏼💯. . TIP 👉🏼 Start by finding pleasure from removing those people who bring you down. . #focused #surroundyourself #livealifeuncommon #enjoythejourney #fitness #helpingothershelpsyou

Head over to @plantsforfamilies and bid on my “Build your Own Arrangement” all money raised will help #RACIES .. It feels good to give back and join forces with my fellow plant people... #OurplantcommunityisStrong #Love #helpingothershelpsyou #familiesreunited

Who Gets Nasopharyngeal Cancer? Fewer than one in every 100,000 people in the U.S. gets this type of cancer, according to the American Cancer Society. The cancer is most common in southern China and southeast Asia. It is also much more common in: Other parts of AsiaNorth AfricaInuit populations of Alaska and CanadaChinese and Hmong immigrant groups in the U.S. In the U.S., nasopharyngeal cancer has also been seen in African-Americans, Hispanics, and white people. You are more likely to get this type of cancer if you: •Are male •Eat a diet rich in salt-cured fish and meats •Have a family history of nasopharyngeal cancer •Have certain genes linked to cancer development •Have come in contact with EBV Some, but not all, studies have found a higher risk of nasopharyngeal cancer in people who: •Smoke •Drink a lot of alcohol •Work around wood dust or a chemical called formaldehyde #raisingawareness #helpraiseawareness #helpingothershelpsyou #nasophorynx #nasopharyngealcarcinoma #headandneckcancersucks #helpingeachother #eduactingothers #nose #throat #mystory

❗Causes of Nasopharyngeal Cancer❗ Scientists are not sure what exactly causes nasopharyngeal cancer. However, the cancerhas been strongly linked to the Epstein-Barr virus (EBV). Although EBV infection is common, not everyone who has EBV will get nasopharyngeal cancer. In the U.S., most people who have had an EBV infection never have long-term problems. Scientists are still researching how EBV leads to nasopharyngeal cancer, but it may be related to genetic material (DNA) from the virus affecting the DNA in the cells of the nasopharynx. The change in DNA causes cells to grow and divide abnormally, causing cancer. The risk for NPC goes up if you eat a diet rich in salt-cured fish and meat. Tobacco and alcohol may also increase the risk, although their link to NPC is not clear. Some scientists believe that chemicals in these things further damage the DNA in cells. #raisingawareness #eduactingothers #headandneckcancersucks #helpraiseawareness #helpingothershelpsyou #syptoms #nasopharyngealcancer #nasopharyngealcarcinoma #fuckyoucancer #cancerfight #cancers #mylife #myjourney #mystory #lifechanging #hardtimes #strong #neck #throat

Shooting a summer workout 🎥 series for @usatoday 🔥🔥. Dropping next week [🙏🏼 Compliments of @maryb_riddle 🤓]. . To be honest I’m more excited about having friends that genuinely support me. All too often these days when someone has a great idea or an incredible opportunity... our “friends” are the first to doubt you or get jealous deep down. I get extreme pleasure by letting these people go and focus all my time and energy on supporting those that support me. . . [📸 - @bretzky711 - can’t thank this dude enough... setting everything in life aside to help me is something I’ll never be able to repay back 🙏🏼🙏🏼]. . #helpingothershelpsyou #livealifeuncommon #fitness #friends #usatoday #betterthanyesterday @junkbrands #junkbrands

Educándonos, National Diabetes Program #lifestylecoachfordiabetes #helpingothershelpsyou ❣️

You know what is so awesome about this new journey I’m on? ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ The community and friendship!!⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ From day one I have felt supported and uplifted! This job celebrates every small step you make and lets you know your worth🖤⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ I have never once felt lost or like I couldn’t go to a teammate and ask for help! ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ I have made new friendships from women all over the country and connected with others like me👏🏼⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ Girl, you might feel hesitant about joining me but you will have thousands of other amazing women supporting you in this new adventure. 💕🎉⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ Comment below if you’re ready to join us and help others feel confident again🙌🏼⬇️ #WomenWhoEmpowerWomen #MentallyPhysicallyEmotionally #HelpingOthersHelpsYou #FridayFeels❤️ #MilitaryWife #SideBusinessQueens #LetsDoTheDamnThing #YouAreWorthThis

I LOVE this sweetener. A little will do. I have had this same bottle since January to put that into perspective. I use it on days I have some oatmeal. Just a squirt will do! 💜💪🏼 Someone asked so here is your answer. 🤗 #gains #helpingothershelpsyou

SMILE!!! Have you ever had one f those days you thought would never end, nothing could go right, you hated the world?!?! Then, that one person smiled at you and you knew it was sincere and it changed a part of you that day, even minutely? You never know what the simplicity of a smile can do for someone! Remember that as you go through the rest of the week! #smile #smileoften #bethechange #helpothers #helpingothershelpsyou #showyourbeautifulsmile #😊 #lavenderdreamslemonkisses

When we help others, we help ourselves 🤗 . One act of kindness not only helps someone get through their day and fills their heart with joy, it helps to remind us that we can play an important role in someones life with just a gesture. . Go light or reignite someones flame today! 🔥🌻💞

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