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#repost @episode Things started with a lie, and they can end with you...winning a VIDEO OR FACETIME CALL FROM @CAMERONDALLASHIMSELF 😱😱😭😭 Imagine YOU, GETTING A CALL FROM CAM!! How amazing would that be?!?! If you thought things couldn’t get any better when @camerondallas came out on Episode...then YOU THOUGHT WRONG 😏 (Note: this prize does not include ear plugs for those around you to stifle your screaming when you win). -- Here’s how you can enter to win:  1. You need to post on IG a screenshot of a scene from the story “It Started With A Lie” alongside Cameron Dallas! 2. Due to legal restrictions, the contest is open only to 16+ and from the US. Thanks for understanding 😊  3. In your caption, describe you how first found out about Cameron Dallas! Caption of the post MUST also state that this is an entry in the Episode Cameron Dallas Video Chat Sweepstakes.  4. You need to follow @episode on Instagram and tag @episode to be eligible! -- For full rules and regulations, check out the link 👉 http://bit.ly/EpisodeCameronDallasContest -- The contest runs NOW until 9 AM PST, January 3 2018!! Winners will be announced on or before Jan 8, 2018. GOOD LUCK!• • • • • #EpisodeCameronDallasContest #camerondallasepisode  #camerondallas #camdallas  #camerondallasrp #camerondallasimagine  #camerondallasedit #camerondallasfanpage  #camerondallasedits #camerondallasupdates #camerondallasfanfic  #camerondallasvideo #camerondallasfans  #magcon  #magconboys #magconrp  #magconedits  #magconboy #magconfam

#episodecamerondallascontest was fun even though I did not win

When it’s January 10th and you still don’t know who won?!? 😤😤 Lmao nah it’s cool it’s cool @episode @camerondallas #episodecamerondallascontest

I’m playing it again for the 4 time @camerondallas #camerondallas #episodecamerondallascontest


Yesssssss 😍😘😍😘😅😅😏😏 #episodecamerondallascontest

Anyone played cam’s episode game #episode @camerondallas #episodecamerondallascontest

This is an entry for the Episode Cameron Dallas Video Chat Sweepstakes. I have always known of Cameron ever since he was a part of Magcon. However when I really started to become a fan was when he released Chasing Cameron on Netflix last year. I loved the show and it really showed me the side of Cameron that I never knew. I started to watch all of his Youtube videos, and follow him on social media like Instagram and Snapchat. I even made a Twitter account so I would have the chance to communicate with him! I love him because he cares so much about his fans and everyone that he loves. He has the biggest heart and I know he will do great things in his future, I am so so proud of him! I have not been lucky enough to meet him, or hug him like I did in Episode, but I hope that this contest gives me the chance to finally talk to him! @episode @camerondallas #EpisodeCameronDallasContest #camerondallasepisode #camerondallas

Playing the new @camerondallas STORY! It is so Good! I LOVE IT! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ #episodecamerondallascontest

@camerondallas this is one of my fav #episodecamerondallascontest

This is an entry in the episode Cameron Dallas video chat sweepstake: First I want to start off by saying this was my favorite scene from the story because it captured the whole story into one sentence! NOW , HOW I DISCOVERED CAMERON: it was year 2014... I was a senior in high school. I came across his Instagram page as a recommended page to follow so I did. I began to watch his vines, youtube videos, and discovered he was in Magcon. I began to follow the other boys as well but Cameron just stood out to me. Everything about him I found amazing and I found that I can relate to him in so many ways, maybe thats why I love him so much. For instance, he has said in several interviews that he would of pursued veterinary medicine if he wasnt doing social media and funny thing is thats exactly what im currently studying to become in college. I have tried meeting him in person several times but I seriously have the worst luck even living like 2 hours away from LA I dont ever manage to see him when Im there or when I try buying magcon tickets it always interfere with my college schedule. But Im so proud of all his accomplishments and although Im 21 and getting older I will always support him throughout his entire journey :) @episode @camerondallas #EpisodeCameronDallasContest

These here are my fav moments @camerondallas #episodecamerondallascontest

Oh man, I wished I could say I’m dating Cameron 😩😍 I first found out about Cameron on Vine like everybody else lol he’s just a funny guy #episodecamerondallascontest

It started with a lie.... #episodecamerondallascontest

I️ have always watched your vines and videos and you have always made me smile and laugh😂💖..you mean the world to me and I️ world love to talk to you in person #episodecamerondallascontest and I’m 16 and I live in the USA


@episode I found out about Cameron Dallas on a sponsored advertisement! He was so handsome and caught my eyes immediately! I few weeks after I started being a fan I started to message him on Facebook complimenting him! He read my message but never replied! I been a fan of him since I was 15 and I cant believe its been 2 years now and Im 17 now. Hes the most funniest and kind person EVER! Hopefully I can FaceTime him and win this contest . Happy New Years @episode @camerondallas #episodecamerondallascontest

#episodecamerondallascontest ❤️😍✨

#episodecamerondallascontest 😍❤️‼️

this is my entry for the cameron dallas episode contest #episodecamerondallascontest . These were my favorite parts from the episode story about cameron dallas and i first found out about cameron dallas when i was watching the movie expelled, which was rlly good i’ve watched it at least ten times and i looked up who the main character was in the movie which was cameron dallas and ever since then i’ve started following his instagram and watching other movies and tv shows he stars in❤️❤️❤️ @camerondallas @episode



#episodecamerondallascontest // ignore the last picture with his eyes closed Buh this story is legit my favorite story and I finished it twice 🤦🏻‍♀️these are my favorite parts and the only parts I took screen shots of 😊Cameron Dallas is such an inspiration to me and watching his videos brighten up my day sfm 😭💓 I used to feel really depressed and then i saw a picture of him and started showing genuine smiles 😊🤞🏻if I don’t win this contest I honestly don’t care because another person in the world would be happy 💓 Ik someday I’ll meet you Cameron and I hope I’ll be soon much love 💜@camerondallas

Awwww😻 #episodecamerondallascontest

AAAAAAAAAAAH I CANT 😻😻 #episodecamerondallascontest

I CANT😻😻😻 #episodecamerondallascontest

:(💕 #episodecamerondallascontest

YES BABY😻 #episodecamerondallascontest

DAMN BABY💕 #episodecamerondallascontest

So, to start off this is my entry for the Episode Cameron Dallas Video Chat Sweepstakes. And how I first found out about Cameron Dallas was back in 2015, a friend of mine made a post about “which celebrity I ship you with”. I was curious, so I commented and she sent me a gif of him. I will never get that out of my head, because I laughed so hard 😂 ever since, I’ve watched his videos when a new one is posted or I will go back to older videos when I need a little pick me up. . So, now that that is out of the way, please bear with me guys? 😂 2017 has been an absolutely amazing and crazy year for me. I’ve just realized that it has been FOREVER since I last made a post 😅 so, one of my New Years’ Resolutions for 2018 will be to get back into reading, managing my bookstagram, and also get started on my book/movie review blog. . On another note, shouldn’t @episode count toward our little corner of Instagram? Because it’s literally going through stories 😂 I don’t know. Tell me what y’all think? Anywho, I hope everyone has a happy new year and I look forward to getting back to conversing with you lovely people again 😊 . #episode #startedwithalie #camerondallas #bookstagram #bookstagrammer #bookstagramfail #procrastination #booklover #storylover #episodecamerondallascontest




@episode #EPISODECAMERONDALLASCONTEST i found out because i was bored and my friend said he was cute and then the next day i downloaded this and @camerondallas ayee she wasnt wrong tbh. But anyway i hope i get to facetime u and stuff. I dont get much. I know i wont get this. So idk why i am even doing this but anyway thx for reading and have a good day.

Hi guys 👋..This is my first picture that I’m going to post..I just want to tell you that I am enjoying playing episode of Cameron Dallas..This game have giving me many experience.. I really love it ❤️..I hope you guys have been play it too🙈 #episode #episodecamerondallascontest #ireallyloveit

This is an scene from @camerondallas started with a lie by @episode and this was the best story ever I saw this story on episode app chart and it was very exciting for me to play CAMERON DALLAS STORY because I am and I always am Camerons BIGGEST BIGGEST FAN EVER and the story looked like everything was happening in reality . I used to wait for hours to get passes and play the story i loved the story and this story made me love him more and I hope there will be more story of Cameron upcoming this is an entry for the #episodecamerondallascontest thank you so much @episode for such a big opportunity you gaved to the fans ... ❤️❤️❤️xo

@camerondallas #EpisodeCameronDallasContest (i love you so much) [HAHAHAHAHHA Cameron ha detto che vuole abbracciarmi]



1. 19 years old, born 11/01/1998 2. I first started watching @camerondallas on vine and thought he was hilarious, then started watching his YouTube channel. The reason I admire him so much is because of how he is with his family and how open he is about his faith. Whats really funny to me is that my mom even watches his videos with me and when I told her about this competition she got super excited😂❤️. Thank you Cameron for being an inspiration for me to stay strong and for being so open with your fans about your faith, troubles, anxieties... This is an entry in the Episode Cameron Dallas Video Chat Sweepstakes. #episodecamerondallascontest

I’m 16 years old and a resident of the U.S. This my entry for the episode Cameron Dallas FaceTime sweepstakes. I first found out about @camerondallas on YouTube when he was filming the ‘What are the odds challenge.’ After watching it my friend and I tried the game out (which ended badly), and then I continued watching Cameron Dallas’ videos. #episodecamerondallascontest #episodeinteractivechooseyourstory

I first found out about @camerondallas when I watched chasing Cameron on Netflix @episode #episodecamerondallascontest

‘‘Tis so cute ahhhhh!!! And daddy cams is killing me @camerondallas #camerondallas #episode #startedwithalie #episodecamerondallascontest

#episodecamerondallascontest. GET OFF MY MAN BITCH

#episodecamerondallascontest -finley done was great

May fav moments so far ❤️ #episodecamerondallascontest

🔥 THIS IS AN ENTRY IN THE EPISODE CAMERON DALLAS VIDEO CHAT SWEEPSTAKES🔥... I first found out about Cam in 2013 when my friend was a huge fan of him and I was like okay he’s pretty awesome well something happened between me and that friend in 2014 and I was left with no one no friends and just outright depressed and I was scrolling through my instagram feed I came across him again and started looking more into him and I thought wow he really cares about his fans and really supports them and he’s actually really funny (and pretty adorable😉) and I needed that in my life and maybe who knows one day he would notice me too?? Well that’s when I created my fan page and started supporting this goof and ever since then he’s made me the happiest girl from his wit, his support, his love for God, and everything in between this past year he followed me on Twitter but I haven’t met him but talked too and met a few of his friends and people who’s worked for him and they are so genuine and understanding so I’ve not only become a fan of him but his peers and family I love them all so much honestly and I’ll never be able to show just how much I love him and show enough thanks for what all he’s done for me personally but I hope this puts a dent in it♥️. @episode #Episode @camerondallas #camerondallas #episodecamerondallascontest


I first found out about Cameron Dallas when magcon and vine just blew up and I have been a fan of his every since he makes me smile and laughs he is perfect and I just remember liking all his vines and when I would be upset I would just watch videos of Cameron and it would make me so happy. This is for the contest with @episode @camerondallas I would love to video chat with you #episodecamerondallascontest

I just started reading Cameron Dallas started with a lie. And idk. Im starting to love this story first episode is CRAAAZZZZYYY @camerondallas @episode 💖💖💖💖💖 #episodecamerondallascontest

I love FREE things. Bless you babe @camerondallas #camerondallasepisode #episodecamerondallascontest

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