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DO NOT BODY SHAME!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is never your place to tell someone they are obese, unless you are a medically trained professional (and honestly even they have a knack of telling people who are perfectly fine that theyre obese) if someone is actively trying to lose weight you can encourage them, but telling them that theyre obsese and that they need to lose a stone is disgusting behaviour, in my job I have to help people as best I can for the sake of their health and frankly I wanted to tell this woman that nothing we sell would help her cause she is perfect the way she is!!! #bodyshaming #donotbodyshame #bodyconfidence #norselady #viking #vikinglady #skaditheseer #celt #welshcelt #shieldmaiden #pagan #paganism #heathen #heathenry #völur #völva

And yes, it’s from the The Help. It’s also something I have my daughter repeat to her self right before I drop her off at school. . . The other day I picked her up from school and she was in tears because she got the results from her Physical Fitness exam in which she failed -not enough push-ups, pull-ups, not a fast enough mile, blah, blah blah. But that’s not what got me heated. Turns out they reported her BMI (Body Mass Index) and hers indicated that she was over weight. . . So I start telling her that she is beautiful, that all women have different body types and their all beautiful. I tell her that this society we live in is sick and has created these unrealistic expectations of what a woman’s body should look like. I tell her we live in a society that objectifies women’s bodies, creates body image issues, and contributes to making young girls feel insecure, low self-esteem, and just feel bad about their bodies in general. We have this real-talk for like an hour and maybe I even played Christina Aguilera’s “Beautiful” several times on repeat because...the song just works 🤷🏽‍♂️. . . I’m woke to the issues around childhood obesity (the reason the CDC issued the Physical Exam) & I’m woke to the importance of living and encouraging a healthy lifestyle But the importance should be for her to FEEL healthy, not on what she LOOKS like. What I wasn’t woke to was the fact that women have been dealing with this their whole lives. I can’t imagine how awful this must be for all y’all to live in a world that treats you like this, that makes you feel not pretty enough, not curvy enough, not skinny enough...not enough. Please believe me when I tell you...You are VERY MUCH enough. All women are beautiful. I’m just sorry we live in a world that can’t see it. 👸🏽🙌🏾💜✊🏽 (ps sorry for the long post). Ok I’m done.✌🏾 . . ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨ Help us support survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence. Buy $30 t-shirts from our up coming album I’M A BEAUTIFUL MESS @dcastmusic and we’ll give the East Los Angeles Women’s Center half the moneys 💵💵💵🎶🎧👸🏽💪🏾💜 . .

Che cosè il body shaming? Bhe ve lo spiego io... il body shaming, nel mio caso, é sentirsi dire da un numero non pervenuto di persone, e da quando ho memoria, che il tuo corpo così comè non va bene per i canoni di questa società. Sentirsi dire da che ho memoria i più svariati e soprattutto maleducati commenti sul peso, sulla magrezza, sullaltezza e sulle forme poco prosperose. Il body shaming nel mio caso sono persone che si prendono la libertà e la confidenza, che nessuno gli ha concesso, di dirti nella migliore delle ipotesi che: sembri malata; sei troppo secca e agli uomini non piaci (come se lo stare bene fisicamente dovesse dipendere da questo); sembri uno scheletro; le ossa si danno ai cani, ecc. Commenti non richiesti che provengono da entrambi i sessi; pensando, molto stupidamente, che in quanto rivolti ad una persona magra siano molto meno offensivi. Ma vi svelo un segreto, ebbene hanno lo stesso peso. Anzi, fanno ancora più male perché sono socialmente più accettati e perché molto spesso si tace senza provare nemmeno a rispondere. Perché come lo spieghi ad uno che pensa che sei secca, non vai bene per fare i figli cosè il body shaming? Non ci riesci, e allora taci. Ovviamente si sa che lessere umano, nel bene e nel male, parla e giudica sempre e su tutto; ma il body shaming è ben altro. É subdolo e in realtà é una forma di bullismo vera e propria. Dunque, per la prossima volta, prima di proferire parola, tenete ben a mente le mie di parole! Io mangio e anche tanto, sono sempre stata così, magra di costituzione, ma non devo darvi nessuna spiegazione sul perché e sul per come sono così magra, ma cosa più importante mi piaccio così come sono! Non sono complessata e onestamente quello che vedo allo specchio mi piace. Ci sono voluti anni di lotte contro me stessa per arrivare a tali consapevolezze e non vi concedo la libertà di sentenziare come un azzeccagarbugli da due soldi sul mio corpo. Se vi disturba la mia magrezza mi spiace ma é un problema vostro, non mio! Ma poi e soprattutto ma a voi che c***o ve ne fotte se sono magra? #stopbodyshaming

👎🖕.... #bodyshaming #hate #body #fat #why? #shutup #stayright .... #byebyestupidguys😳

The Gold earn experience !!! It was my proud privilege to share my voice on such a huge platform like Youth for human Rights International (YHRI). As an Indian delegate I was able to share my thoughts and experience on the very diabolic issue of Body Shaming and delivered my ideas on how and why to eradicate exclusion for acceptance. . . . . . . . . . . . . #yhri #undp #uno #who #unicef #unesco #icj #humanrights #advocacy #bodyshaming #socialwork #peace #worldpeace #justice #equality #liberty #freedom #poverty #strongvoice #cause #friendship #internationalpeace #love #unitednations #unitednationhumanrights #globalgoals #servingforpeace #climatechange #endviolence #foreverychild

So, I’ve never really experienced body shaming as an adult. To my face at least 🤔 until the other night. A regular at the bar I work, started out by asking if I am pregnant and after replying no this person proceeded, very loudly, with more comments about how I look, weight I’ve gained yada yada. Other guests were witness to this as well. Needless to say, I was humiliated and stumped with how to respond. I kept my composure and turned around to continue my job. The guests who saw what took place were livid. I do not know if they confronted this person after I walked away but as they were leaving they found me to apologize for what happened and gave me a very generous tip. The comments fucked with my head for a couple days. I was kind of in a funk already with my self esteem so this was icing on the cake, ironically haha 😝🎂 No, I’m not a size 4 anymore or 115 lbs and may never be again but I refuse to love myself less. I struggle like the next person with insecurities. Our society creates standards of what beauty “is” or “should be”. It sets the stage for judgment and negativity. It’s so upsetting how hateful people can be. We should be celebrating who we are as individuals. Lifting one another up. Don’t be an asshole. Realize your words and actions affect others. Regardless if you have curves, big boobs, small boobs, cellulite, freckles, rolls, dark skin, light skin, etc. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL 💖 I shamefully admit I have, silently or amongst friends, passed judgment for how someone looked or didn’t look. Not a proud moment. However, I will take this experience to cultivate more self love and praise towards others beauty. I can’t imagine making someone else feel the way I did. Or worse. Be kind 🖤 #bodypositivebitch #bodypositivity #loveyourself #youarebeautiful #fuckbeautystandards #bodyshaming #bekind #selflove #liftothersup #celebrateyourbeauty #celebrateyourbody

Society give women (humans) their bodys back. I am aware that men suffer as well from bodyshaming. I am only talking about women in this pictures because it came from the pain of my body being treated like an object. #feminism #bodyshaming #mybodymyrules #scetch #artandfeminism #art #pencildrawing #scratch #incdrawing #women #bodyfreedom

(READ THE FULL CAPTION PLEASE) And here Im talking about animal abuse . There r some people who hit animals just for fun and to those people I just want to ask are u mad ? . . And here Im also talking about fake beauty standards set by our society which makes people think that they are not beautiful . Some went into depression also. . People say that they believe in god and respect god but on the other hand they hit animals with stones and laugh like idiots , they insult people on the basis of there body type , on the basis of their skin colour etc. .. .. what kind of respect is this , respecting god doesnt means only praying to god it also means that u have to respect every creature created by god And here Im also talking about caste system (worst) . What the hell is this neechi jaati and uchi jaati everyone is equal and deserves equal rights. . . #stopbodyshaming #bodyshaming #stopanimalabuse #saynotobodyshaming #saynotoracism #saynotoanimalabuse #animalabuse #respect #respectgodscreation #respecteverycreature #respectgod #everyoneisequal #hatecastesystem #castesystem #equalrights . . . #ALIYAWRITES

➡️ SWIPE There is ~10sec between both pictures. • internet is not life • sometimes it’s not true • bodyshaming is not cool • i can be fit and fat at the same time • some days i’m more fit • some days not • people are fake often • also I get it - I also post best pictures • but at the end - how important it is for you how many body fat others have? • think about yourself • lets stay healty • fitness is cool #fake #internetlies #bodyshamingisnotcool #trainer #beforeafter #bereal #havefun #fitness #bodyshaming #escepuābolmaizi 😀

:: COMING SOON :: @patrice_shavone discusses confidence for Fat Girls like herself. This new book will be released 1:1:2019 along with a confidence journal and or calendar. Don’t forget to purchase a membership where you have full access to all 4 books, 2 children books, journal, calendar, 2 digital workbooks. 10 mins of coaching or counseling a month, please patrices mailing mailing list. www.restorred.com #wordfromladyink #patrice #patriceshavonebrown #afatgirlsconfidence #confidence #selfesteem #bodyshaming #bodydysmorphia #mentalhealth #overweight #bbws #biggirls #fatgirls #fatgirlsmovement #bignproud #lowselfesteem #watchoutfortgebiggirls #patricesbrown #patricebrown #secretsofacrazymentalhealthcounselor #thedaymommamademedance #weblendwelltogether #restoringbodiesminds #restoringbodiesandminds

La femme dénigre la femme pendant que l’homme valorise l’homme. Les femmes ne se soutiennent pas car la société les dominent. Sortez de vos coquilles et soyez l’Homme. Avec un grand H. Dites vous que femme ou homme, ronde ou maigre, petits seins ou grosses fesses, nous sommes des Hommes. Tous les mêmes. Dans la bible, on cite des espèces animales et non humaines. Nous sommes égaux. Si l’homme a le droit de satisfaire ses désirs, la femme aussi. #girlpower💪 #feminist #lesfemmesveulent #blackhairchallenge #manspreading #lesprincessesontdespoils #meetoo #neverthelessshepersisted #feminisme #misandrie #manterupting #mansplaining #bropriating #Empowerment #Bodyshaming

My cousin Keyondra inspired me to post this I was going to post this yesterday but then I changed my mind . It took me some time but I truly LOVE my hair 🌻. Don’t get me wrong I do enjoy wearing wigs and weaves. It’s just apart of my personality and my mom has always worn them and embraced it❤️. I have also always been self continuous about my hair. I’ve never had long thick beautiful hair🙅🏾‍♀️, only in my dreams lol. I use to get teased about certain hair styles my mom would do to my hair when I was a child. It truly use to bother me. Now I love my hair at its natural state not just for me, but for the little girls that look up to me and come after me. I applaud all the women who love themselves when they’re most natural. My good friend @super_mom2liamplus1 really encourages me without even knowing. I remember when she did the big chop ✂️. It was so BOLD and INSPIRING ❤️. Loving yourself is one of the most important things to learn in life. Society has a way of trying to tell you what’s beautiful and what’s not. Little thing like this are so important because if women in your environment that look like you don’t love themselves it’s hard to learn how to love and embrace yourself. I leave with this quote “Don’t damage yourself trying to be something that you’re not and was never meant to be.”❤️ #hair #naturalhair #curlspopping #love #hair #blackgirlsrock #empowerment # #beauty #support #blackcommunity #bodyshaming #selflove #selfhate #society #socialmedia #rolemodels #Models #womensempowerment #embrace #inspire #begreat #livingmybestlife #nautralhaorproblem #haircare #stylist #bigchop #goodhair #badhair #haircare #growth #melaninpoppin #selfesteem

🤔 I had some hurtful things said to me recently (by someone very dear to me), for posting photos on my IG that appear to focus on or show off the body. I was shocked when these comments were further extrapolated to insist that something is not right with my mind. Shocked, especially because I feel healthy both mentally and physically! Ive always been a proponent of a healthy body and healthy mind and always attentive to both in my life (hasnt always been easy, but I dont give up). 🦋 This incident made me think of all the teens, women and men who are body shamed and judged wrongly, no matter what they look like, for posting selfies from the gym or whenever they feel beautiful or sexy, or proud of their achievement. It is a sad reality and it can even come from the people we love, who do not realize the emotional damage they are causing by hurtful remarks with their judgments 💔 . . Live life YOUR way and let others live it theirs. Wear what you see fit for yourself and dont judge another because he or she is wearing something more revealing than you would feel comfortable in. Dont think you know someones state of mind from their social medias moment in time. Live your life the best way it makes YOU happy. Feeling sexy and confident is something we all have the right to feel and women should not be stigmatized for expressing it nor abused for it. ❤️. I hope everyone can feel comfortable with themselves, set their own goals, celebrate successes and save judgements of others. . . . #healthybody #healthymind #positivethinking #positivebodyimage #emotionalwellness #bodyshaming #reversehumpday #yogaanywhere #fitness #bethebestyou #physicalfitness #selfies #beinghuman #chodagang #fitforlife #lookinward #dontjudge #strongwomen #sexyisokay #zdrowo @thedentalyogis #reversethehumpday #wheelwednesday

Body image issues and self-esteem is something I’ve struggled with since middle school. I can still remember the gut wrenching feeling induced by my best friend telling me the preps were talking about me in the locker room saying I looked anorexic. Up until then, I didn’t think being skinny was a bad thing. I’ve always been thin and I come from a line of women with more petite frames. I remember crying to my mom about what my classmates said about me. She snatched the phone from my hand and told my best friend to not mention things like that to me anymore. I knew that my mom went through similar experiences growing up as a skinny, Black girl from some of her vague stories she mentioned in an almost passerby manner. However, I was hoping that in that moment she would open up more as a means of connecting with me on common grounds. If anything, I just wanted a hug and a chance to cry without feeling like I was distracting her from more important things. Throughout middle and high school, I dreaded going to school every day. I couldn’t make it through first period without someone rudely commenting about my weight. “You look like you have an eating disorder.” “You should eat.” “Are you on drugs?” Sometimes these statements would come from people I considered to be friends. Unfortunately, I grew up under the illusion of being shy so I never had the courage to stand up for myself. Over time, I began absorbing my peers’ criticism as my own truth causing me to struggle with loving my body. Once puberty hit in high school, things got even worse as my usual flawless skin started developing hormonal acne. I remember a friend of mine who constantly pointed it out. “Wow, your skin used to be so clear. What happened?” as if I didn’t see myself in the mirror every day with pimples all over my face. On top of that, I had to wear braces for four years further adding to my ugly duck syndrome. I didn’t like looking at myself in high school and would pick myself a part so ruthlessly whenever I gazed in the mirror. I can still recall the day I looked at my reflection and said, “I hate you.” CLICK THE LINK IN MY BIO TO READ MORE. 💕

I literally keep getting this question: How do you stay MOTIVATED? . Well, I woke up, I decided what I wanted to do with my life, I decided to commit to it & then prayed to Allah for it. . 😂😂 Ummm, Yeah FREAKING right!! If it was only that simple. We wake up and some magical fairy sprinkles some motivation dust on us and we just whip right into shape and get going. . So truly, the answer is simple but the journey is not. The journey to success is filled with ups & downs, small victories & huge road blocks. 2 steps forward, 3 steps back. There will be moments of disappointment and crazy cheat days. But guess what...you are allowed to START over! . If you WANT something, I mean truly WANT it inside - deep in your soul than NOTHING should come in the way of you making that dream a reality! . It’s ok to have rocky roads, but it’s not ok to quit on yourself. . . . Tag a friend who needs a little motivation today to not give up on their goals or dreams. . . #wednesdaywisdom

Hi everyone! Ive been seeing a lot of new faces on my profile and Im here to make some new friends! Hi everyone Im Atira and Im on a journey to love myself, become my best self and try to inspire others along the way. Here are 5 facts about me 1. I love fall, I love PSL🎃, apple pie🍎, Thanksgiving🍗, pumpkin patches and apple orchards so basically Im basic but whatever 2. Im an avid Netflix binge watcher, basically if you need a suggestion ask me Ive watched a lot 💻 3. I love watching sports, Ive learned a lot about baseball ⚾️so Ive loved it forever, Ive recently been more into football🏈 once I learned what was going on, and I love going to hockey🏒 games 4. The hunger games🔥🍞 is my favorite series with percy Jackson🧜‍♂️ as a close second 5. I do a self care day every Sunday. Bathbomb, face mask, tea or wine depending on the day😉 . . Do we have anything in common? Id love to make some new friends!

Girls...kita ini makhluk yg indah loh tapi... Ajaib nya kita sebagai perempuan selalu berusaha tampil sempurna, tapi sejati nya adalah untuk dilihat perempuan lain 😝 bahwa kita bisa se PERFECT ini, body kita se BAGUS ini...😎 . Ironis memang, sadar gk sih ejaan cantik yg sebenarnya kan bukan KURUS loh tapi kenapa sih??? . Saya pribadi korban #bodyshaming bertahun2, dan kemudian saya berfikir, gimana sih putusin mata rantai #bodyshaming ??? . Bisa ternyata... pada prinsipnya manusia memang diciptkan memegang teguh prinsip what goes around comes back around yuups... kamu selalu diperhatian hanya sebatas body, mungkin karena kamu liat perempuan lain ya sebatas itu 😉 . So... mulai sekarang yuuks ganti menu utama penglihatan dan pikiran kita, kalo ketemu temen lama... pas cipika cipiki langsung deh bahas : gilaaa anak lo pinter banget sih gw liat activities nya di IG... lucuu parah.. atau koq bisa sih lo kerja di perusahaan gede gitu, kereen banget, cerita donk proses interview nya gimana sih... . Efect nya bakalan bagus loh girls... percaya deh ❤ yuuk ah ubah pola pikir kita akan apa yg kasat oleh mata, karena jika hanya body dan kecantikan yg jadi prioritas, kasian loh otak yg kerja nya udah keren banget buat bikin kita jadi briliant 😉 . . Love urself first, trust me it will be change everything... 😘 . . #stopbodyshaming #cantikitubukankurus

There is something in this picture which is different .... I am happy with all the flaws in my body... I am my own kind of beautiful ...so is you Be one of a kind... Outift @ajiolife #bodypositive #bodyshaming #bodyflawsarebeautiful

Ive let myself go Why are we all so horrible to ourselves? These are just a tiny fraction of the nasty things we say and for what reason? We would never say these things to people we love or care about so why is it okay to say it to ourselves. How on earth do I expect other people to show me kindness and respect when I cant show it to myself. It is so easy to be self critical and to beat yourself up about these things but really the only people we are hurting is ourselves. I am going to challenge myself to try and think if I would say these things to another individual, and if not, well I definitely will not be saying it to myself. @i_weigh . . . #effyourbeautystandards #body #mybody #selflove #bodypositivity #bodyshape #bodyshaming #love #selfcare #loveyourself #bodypositive #mybodymyrules #mybodyismine #bikinibodyready #iweigh #loveyourbody

17) Swollen I stand 155 cm tall and for that height, a woman can have a perfect hourglass figure and I do too. The probability of having that kind of figure is higher for a shorter woman like me than the ones who are more on a taller side. I have a perfect waist, curvy thighs and a great bottom, which anyone would die for but what makes me conscious is my tiny bosom; I have very little flesh in my breast area, around my grown nipples.. I try it harder to make it grow and it just wouldnt, I have tried many creams and massages for augmentation but nothing seems to work in my case. I take refuge in my padded bras and it just seems to create the required illusion and compensate for my insecurities. I am often told that I am physically very attractive and people fall for my humour and sharp wit. I have never found it hard to date men and I have always had a good share of sex. But when I get naked in front of men for the first time, I get very shy and conscious of my small boobs. Most of them dont mind that at all, though some have confessed that they wish it was a bit bigger. But what keeps me nauseated is the judgement from fellow women, who always keep commenting about it in a negative tone . In my teenage years, the same girls would make so much fun of it saying how undesirable my bust is to men and how I would struggle to get my dates; all these had broken my self esteem which I had to gather it back after finishing my studies and becoming financially independent. That is when I actually started going on dates and feel confident about myself and my body. In spite of all these confidence and calmness, I somewhere still wish my chest area was Swollen perfectly and I looked like the other girls around me who walk with their chest held high (Based on the muses of Miss K) . . #swollen #boobs #smallboobs #butts #hourglassfigure #nipple #hourglass #bodyshaming #girl #freethenipplemovement #bust #bottom #bellybutton #inktober #inktober2018 #artbasel #top

🇬🇧 This video.... about this video... I have made this footage quite some time back but never posted it. And thats a shame because its such a nice flow. It was taken just around the time I only started to find out that all my health and mental troubles were caused by my hormonal imbalance. To find the real cause of all of it, I still had long time and search to go through. I have not posted this video because it made me insecure. The way my stomach looks here made me feel ashamed of myself. But why? Now I can see the entire thing from different perspective. Of course, we still want to look and present ourselves in the best possible way. There is nothing wrong with that. But we are also human beings and we should not forget that. Its normal to have flows. There is nothing wrong with that. We all do have them. Its ok to try to become the best version of ourselves. Its perfectly fine. Thats what I aim for all my life. But its wrong to feel ashamed of something that we can not change. Its hurtful to feel ashamed of our bodies when they are going though sickness or hard times. When we should literally feel the opposite. We should actually be proud. At the time of this video I lived the same way I do now. I ate healthy most of the time and kept my portions under strict control and trained 6 times per week. Yet I felt completely different. I was exhausted and depressed. Now, when things are under control I do the same and feel and look very different. So I realised, finding this video again, how much we hurt ourselves. We can be ours own worst enemy. Yes, people do judge us, yes, the society is very unforgiving and very fake. But we do even more harm to ourselves. We judge and hate ourselves way more. I know now. Ill try to learn a lesson from this. Ill try. I promise. To myself. But again, we are only humans. Who knows how will I react next time when something like this happens to me. I hope it will be very different reaction. I hope I will be able to fight (as I always am) and yet keep my head up (in front of everyone and myself) and deep inside really feel that screw what everyone things kind of emotion. We all should.⬇️

Rébellion spirituelle. #drawing #caricature #bodyshaming #bodypositive

You’ve hated your body for so long, you’ve forgotten how beautifull you look to a stranger. #bodypositive #bodygoals #bodyshaming #bodypositivity #stopbodyshaming #stopbullying #stopthehate #loveyourself #love #liefde #curvy #chubby #thin #thicc #fitness #quotes

GIRLS ... we can pick at all the images of other girls on social media & presume we know which girl has been photo shopped, which girl has had work done, which girl is taking “illegal” substances to stay lean BUT at the end of the day ... who gives a sh#t! Picking at someone else’s physique DOES NOT make your own look any better. It actually makes you FEEL worse! It is just wasted energy & time from your end. ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ I have been on both ends of this discrimination - I’ve had my physique picked on & I have picked at other girls physiques (don’t deny it ... we all have done it once in our lives). I have finally pulled myself out of this negative way because I actually remembered that when I was at my happiest, I was focusing 100% on what I was actually doing. I was focusing on MY health, MY fitness, MY body & MY mental well being. NOT some other girls. The more you focus on you & the less you focus on others ... the more likely you are going to achieve your goals! ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ Lift yourself up without having to drag someone else down! ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ 🖤 @felinefitnessau #foreverfitnfearless

I didn’t get one last month, guess I got one this month! ♥️

Klo dia.... Si cantik jelita... Teman berbagi semangatttt,jangan kasi kendorr pokoknya, ketemunya cuman klo mau pulang doank buat poto 😆 klo pas latian kita misah, dia dmna aku dmna...biar serius & g bnyak cakap 😆 . Btw udh body shaming belom??😂😂😂 #friendshipgoals #friends #bodygoals #nopelangsing #dietsukses #dietsehat #dietseimbang #pengenkurus #pengenideal #fatburn #fattofit #fitmom #weightlosschallange #bodyshaming #sarlem #lemonperas #Sarilemon #Sheilafresh #sarilemonsheilafresh

Since Im on an apple kick! 🍏🍎🍏🍎🍏 Apple superfoods shake: 1 scoop of vegan vanilla protein (I used shakeology) 1 golden delicious apple, coconut almond milk, half a frozen banana, a splash of apple cider,4 ice cubes. Blend together and be extremely happy and fall festive

Life’s been crazy the last few weeks! I’ve been trying to juggle a college course and a course at Art School along with Running 5 businesses! I haven’t had much time to post the last few weeks due to launching my 5th business. There will be new photos from photoshoots coming soon! But for now here’s a throwback to me loving my body unapologetically 🌈🌈🌈 . . . #fat #entrepreneur #plusisequal #plussizemodel #effyourbeautystandards #fatpositive #fatandhappy #fatacceptance #bodypositive #selflove . . #selfloveclub #selfloveisthebestlove #fatwomen #embraceyourbody #ilovemyself #allbodiesaregoodbodies #bopo #bopowarrior #fuckbeautystandards #nomorebodyshaming . . #bodyshaming #stopbodyshaming #bigandblunt #honormycurves #plusandproud #thighs #thick #thickwomen #thickthighs #thickthighssavelives

Ноги, зачем вы мне, когда у меня есть крылья? Вдохновляющая Фрида Кало . . . #феминизм #феминистка #равноправие #абьюз #слатшейминг #бодипозитив #виктимблейминг #бодишейминг #лукизм #сексизм #объективация #сексуальнаяобъективация #харассмент #эйджизм #feminism #feminist #equality #abuse #slutshaming #bodypositive #victimblaming #bodyshaming #lookism #sexism #objectification #sexualobjectification #harassment #ageis

Моё тело - моё дело. Уже избитая всеми фраза, однако не теряющая свою актуальность. Многие готовы сказать, что это оправдание для некрасивых, нестройных или фриков. Однако запомните: каждый имеет право выглядеть так, как посчитает нужным. И неважно, что скажут окружающие и сколько неодобряющих взглядов вы поймаете. Главное, что вы остаетесь собой. . . . #феминизм #феминистка #равноправие #абьюз #слатшейминг #бодипозитив #виктимблейминг #бодишейминг #лукизм #сексизм #объективация #сексуальнаяобъективация #харассмент #эйджизм #feminism #feminist #equality #abuse #slutshaming #bodypositive #victimblaming #bodyshaming #lookism #sexism #objectification #sexualobjectification #harassment #ageis

Consider the emotional strength!! #mybeautifulmindng #bodyshaming #mentalhealthawareness

We’re so pleased the ASA are clamping down on this kind of thing. #Perfection is a state of mind and beauty in the eye of the beholder. No? Creating anxiety about body image is just #harmful. #BodyShaming #LoveIslandAds #MYA

It is not right to judge people by their appearance. Kau gemuk la, badan macam mak orang la, nanti suami lari la.. These kind of people are just toxic and lack of ethical values..pfftt.😏. I wanna look good and healthy for myself.. yes 1st is for myself💪 so that i can always be healthy, beautiful, and confident. I can do this! Yes i can.. so do u! Lets be fit womens👭 . After gym.. another burning session at @sweatspa . #infraredsauna #ispeakenglishwhenamangry #bodyshaming #justjoking #amazingfeeling #icandothis

Sooo i noticed for a lil while now that my thighs are beginning to touch/rub against each other and i immediately panicked like OMG 😱 are my thighs going to get dark..am i going to have to walk with baby powder to prevent it (the tricks of it all)....then it hit me gal thats love taps,a lil extra never hurt anybody 😊 #bodyconfidence #confidencequotes #confidentwomen #blackwomen #allwomen #bodyshaming #proudofmyself #blackbusiness

🍁 I have had such a low mood and such bad PTSD for months now. 🍁 Has my eating been healthy? Meh. 🍁 I had an asthma review this week and the nurse was horrible. 🍁 She didn’t read all my notes from the psychiatrist; she ignored that I have had 2 full knee replacements this year, and proceeded to rip into me about weight gain. 🍁 Result - I came away feeling awful@about myself and the already low mood was rock bottom. 🍁 My first thought was to starve myself, followed quickly by thinking I might as well forget weight loss and just binge uncontrollably. 🍁 A couple of days later, I am more balanced but realise I need to return to healthy eating and watch both portion size and snacking. 🍁 I am going to try to post all my meals again and weigh myself each week. 🍁 I am reaching out for support because putting on 70lbs has really distressed me, though I am trying to hold on that I have *still* lost 100lbs. 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻 fingers crossed. #eatingdisorderrecovery #bingeeatingrecovery #bingeeating #weightloss #weightlossjourney #veganweightloss #bodykindness #bodyconfidence #haes #fatshaming #bodyshaming

Its LOVE YOUR BODY day! There are too many people in this world that try to put other people down to make themselves feel better. That is not okay! You are perfect just the way you are! Dont listen to people if they are putting you down! #love #djhs #dublin #listen #body #bodyshaming #loveyourself #loveyourbody

To the two women who attempted to fat shame me today - I am NOT sorry in the slightest for my thick thighs, wobbly bum, cellulite, stretch marks and lack of thigh gap🍐🍑I am sorry however for your ignorance and lack of empathy! At what point did you gain the right to ridicule someone about their weight?! 🤬 • • • #bodypostive #bodypositivity #bodypos #bodyacceptance #bodyconfident #sizedoesntmatter #selflove #selfacceptance #everybodyisbeatiful #iwillbeatthis #eatingdisorderrecovery #curves #womenwithcurves #curvy #curvybody #cellulite #peach #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #healthymind #healthymindhealthybody #healthyisthenewskinny #fatshaming #bodyshaming #sorrynotsorry #womensupportingwomen #equality #bekind

I got this book at the stand of @bitebackorg last summer during a Vegan Festival in Belgium. These days I usually stay away from all literature regarding vegan issues because it is far too painful for me. Anyway, I made an exception with this one because it does not revolve about #veganism as such: it is about all of us and the fact (breaking news!) that we are all going to die. The authors make a great job presenting the multiple myths surrounding veganism (#race, #identity, #bodyshaming) emphasising one of the most difficult ones: #healthshaming Lots of vegans are afraid to say they are ill in fear of the backslash they will get from multiple sides (including other vegans that are convinced that “you must be doing something wrong if you get sick” or the I-told-ya-looks at work for “not eating a good steak” that would have protected you against the flu) Some vegans get cancer, lots of them suffer from depression by the constant mourning they experience in daily life and some are chronically ill. There are black vegans, poor vegans, muslim vegans and older vegans. Some vegans are fat and culinary authors and advocates at the same time. And yes, there are vegans that are total assholes. It is not some sort of moral high horse. But all of them have something in common: they are going to die, regardless. The book presents in a beautiful and compassionate way mortality as it usually is. It deals with issues that we choose to ignore as if we were pharaohs: thinking about who would take care of your non human animals if something happened to you, which funeral you would like to have, care taking, and perhaps most importantly, making a will (we do not have to just let society determine where our money goes to because of tradition once we die. Some of us may realise our loved ones are not in need of money and that a vegan #sanctuary or a hiv awareness org would be a better choice). It is not a sad read (even if it made me cry on a couple of occasions); it is actually quite empowering and has had an impact on the way I think and how I want to move forward. #CarolJAdams #PattiBreitman #VirginiaMessina #EvenVegansDie #Death #Testament #Spirituality #Instabook 💐

Stop body shaming 👹 #bodyshaming #body #bodygoals #quotesgram #quotes

Achtung! 🤚🏻 . . Die liebe @fitpinkie [Werbung] hat mich inspiriert diesen Beitrag zu verfassen. Gestern hat sie dieses extrem wichtige Thema angesprochen und da kann ich nicht schweigen. Auch ich nutze meine kleine Reichweite und mache auf Mobbing aufmerksam. . . In der 3-4 Klasse hatte mich ein Schüler als Mastschwein beschimpft, jemand der zu dieser Zeit ein gern gesehener Gast Zuhause war. Ich hatte aber kein Übergewicht und konnte diese Aussage nicht verstehen. In der 8ten oder 9ten Klasse rief mir eine Mitschülerin Keep rolling im Sportunterricht hinterher, weil sie sich in einen Streit zwischen mir und meiner damals guten Freundin einmischte. Zu dieser Zeit hat ich Kurven, aber kein Übergewicht. Zusätzlich hatten viele Mitschüler ein Problem mit meinem Kleidungsstil und waren der Meinung es auch mal laut im Unterricht kund zu geben z.B. mit Hunde gehören an die Leine. . . Heute kann ich über so Sprüche nur lachen, doch damals haben sie den ein oder anderen Nerv getroffen. Ich frage mich öfters ob es den Mobbern nach einigen Jahren bewusst ist, was sie mit ihren Sprüchen angerichtet haben und ob sie etwas Scham oder Reue deswegen verspüren. . . #stopptmobbing . . #mobbing #loveyourself #positivmind #positivevibes #bodyshaming #bodypositivity #fürmehrrealitätaufinstagram

‘Tijd om de onzin in ’s Neerlands tijdschrift aan de kaak te stellen!,’ luidt de bio van het Instagram-account Zeikschrift. Oprichtster Madeleijn van den Nieuwenhuizen (26) belicht wat er soms goed, maar veel vaker fout gaat in tijdschriften waar wij maar al te graag doorheen bladeren. Lees het interview met Madeleijn via de link in de bio.

Yea I Need to workout. Na #bodyshaming doesnt help rey

DAY 5. HEALTHY HABITS CHALLENGE! 👀 Be Real and Be You! 🙌🏼 In deze (online) wereld kan het nog wel eens lastig zijn jezelf te blijven, maar de enige manier om het gelukkigst te zijn en de juiste mensen om je heen te verzamelen is te zijn wie je écht bent 🙏🏻 En dat kan en mag in elke vorm. Al laat Instagram soms alleen het perfecte leven, lijf of drive zien.. nobody’s perfect! Niks nieuws, maar wel iets om bij stil te blijven staan. Voor mezelf, maar ook voor jullie! 💞Gevalletje instagram VS. Reallife! 🤣 Beiden mijn benen, maar net in een ander jasje. Precies het beeld dat aansluit op deze context. You are enough 🙏🏻 #remindyourself #bodypositivity #bodyshaming #selflove #bereal #truetoyourself #instagramlife #legs #swimminglegs #icare #insecureties #fitfoodhealth

Healthy Self Esteem, Body Image & Body positivity IS JUST AS MUCH IMPORTANT for men as it is for women. Love this segment by @soulpancake Thats what he said season 1 episode 2 Self Esteem & Body Image Check out their website as well http://soulpancake.com 📽https://youtu.be/dF-9-wQpOzg WE DO NOT CLAIM OR OWN ANY RIGHTS TO THIS VIDEO . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #soulsoching #podcast #endthestigma #southasiancommunity #southasians #mentalhealthawareness #mentalhealth #bodyshaming #bodyimage #bodypositivity

#throwback on a Tuesday (Im different) I thought that I was fat in this photo. I was constantly body shaming myself. I was going through a lot of mental and emotional pain, and this was not a good time in my life and I remember exactly how I felt this day and what I was going through around this exact time (October ) You can forgive, but some things you will not forget. #ididittomyself #iallowedit #forgiveandforget #bodyshaming #hardonmyself #growthroughwhatyougothrough

& it’s time to live.

Apple dump cake: 4 apples chopped Cinnamon 2 cups gluten free flour 1.5 cups sugar (I used half coconut sugar and half organic cane sugar) 2tbs baking powder 3/4 cup butter (next time Im going to use a little less) Preheat oven to 350° oil pan Chop apples and mix with cinnamon In a separate bowl mix flour, sugar and baking powder Pour apples in pan top with flour mix. Melt butter and cover the top cake layer with butter. Put in the oven for 45-50 minutes Let cool and literally try not to devour the whole pan

Shout out to @nabela and @atthellolab we need to have more AMAZING videos like these to establish what does Body Positivity mean! Body Positivity is all about LOVING YOURSELF doesnt matter what race, age or gender you are. The concept of beauty that has been portrayed in social media is NOT what beauty really is. So many men worry about their height or their physique and so many women worry about their breasts or weight. From acne scars to big butts we need to start telling ourselves that WE ARE GOOD ENOUGH. If you want to work on yourself DO IT! Exercise, work-out, take care of your skin, eat healthy but along the way learn to tell yourself Im doing this for myself and Im good enough. 📽https://youtu.be/UhPBrofe6nw WE DO NOT CLAIM ANY RIGHTS OR OWN ANY PART OF THIS VIDEO . . . . . . . . . . . #soulsoching #podcast #endthestigma #southasiancommunity #southasians #mentalhealthawareness #mentalhealth #bodyshaming #bodyimage #bodypositivity #nabelanoor

Every Saturday at Noon at CST link in bio! Tune in to my show Fit Mom on Wian Radio! Episode 7 Topic #BodyShaming !! #fitmom #skinnyfit #onlineradio #fitmomradio1 #workoutathome #stayathomemom #busymom #podcast #insta

Is boredom your gym buddy? We’re humans. We need interactions. 😑😀😍 . An hour of no socializing can make some of us bored because sometimes silence is so loud.😏 . While there are people who love wearing their wireless headphones for quietness, peaceful and isolation at the gym, some do love company. 😊 . So let’s get that boredom out of the gym and KISS it Goodbye! Muwah!😘😍😚 . . Remember, don’t be that person who, 5 years from now, still “THINKS” of getting herself healthier, better and fit.😊😍 . . . . . . . . . #happywoman #shepaintstruth #sheisnotlost #womanmindset #mindsetiseverthing #womenfitnessmotivation #womenofimpact #womenofvision #tribeofmentors #womenquotes #womenhelpingwomen #bodyshaming #actionsspeaklouderthanwords #fitnessmotivation #fitnessjourney #fitnessgirl #fitnessgirlguide #fitnessgirlcommunity #fitnesscoach #personaltrainer #goldcoast2018 #onlinecoachingprogram #tweedheads #fitnessmemes #catshealthandfitness

To all my intuitive eater seeker . . . We had an amazing convo with @katiegarces with about Intuition, Spirituality and Food. Mmm hmm...this is the juicy stuff right here! - If you tend to be controlling, type A or the like(🙋🏼‍♀️)you definitely want to tune in. - Join me as I chat with @stephdodier from The Going Beyond the Food Project. - This is available for FREE for the next 48 hours, or you can purchase the entire lineup to win forever! - Swipe 👈🏼to see who else is up today, (Im in good company!), sign up and maybe even change your life!😉 - Sign up link in bio and tag your friends.😉 Who’s listening? Let me hear what you think!😘 xo - #goingbeyondthefoodproject #intuitiveeating #intuitiveLIVING #intuition #spiritualnutritionist #typeA #controlling #surrender #spiritualpractice #bodywisdom #sexyspiritualsane . . . . . #mindbodyconnection #eatingpsychology #disorderedeating #nomorediets #stoptoberforselfcare #soberjourney #makefriendswithfood #bodyshaming #foodaddiction #edrecovery #bingeeating #listentoyourgut #foodfreedom #spiritualjourney #emotionaleating #eatingmyfeelings #paleorecovery #orthorexia #findingpeace

sometimes i wonder what they r doing when we r all asleep 📷 @masgani_

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