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Photo by @beverlyjoubert. Staring straight into the amber eyes of a lion will always awaken a part of me that knows instinctively that I am not the true predator here. And yet - peoples amazing ability with tools and intelligence has made our species stronger by far and we are outcompeting every other predator on the planet. Lions are iconic - strong and proud and symbols of power throughout the world. But there are now more statues of lions in the world than there are real lions. Only around 20 000 remain, scattered in ever-smaller patches of wilderness. Its worth noting this decline this #WorldLionDay but also noting that we have the ability to halt and reverse it when we put our minds to it. Nine years ago, together with @dereckjoubert, and National Geographic, we set up the Big Cats Initiative as a long-term effort to halt the declineof big cats in the wild. The initiative supports efforts to save big cats through assessment, on-the-ground conservation, education, and global public-awareness campaigns. To date, this has supported more than 110 innovative projects in 28 countries that are helping big cats and communities thrive - all working to keep these wild eyes alight across Africa, ready to pierce our souls with the truth about who we really are. To learn more about the #BigCatsInitiative or to help, please visit natgeo.org/bigcats. #bigcatconservation #WorldLionDay2018 #CauseAnUproar #TheEyesHaveIt

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