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Photo @Hammond_Robin for @WhereLoveIsIllegal // “During my teenage I was expelled from school, because I was gotten exchanging letters with my boyfriend. That’s when my parents disowned me and put police to hunt me down. When I got to know about it I had to flee Uganda, because my life was in danger.” Tasha is a transgender woman from Uganda. Like many LGBTQI+people she went to Kenya hoping she’d find safety and acceptance. She quickly came to realize that homophobia, biphobia and transphobia is just as prevalent in Kenya. “As a transgender, I’m always indoors. Me, I never move out. I’ve never enjoyed my life here in Nairobi, that is what I have to tell you. Because from Monday to Monday, from January to January I’m always indoors. I only move out if it’s really important, very-very important, because I’m scared for my life.” // Where Love is Illegal traveled to Kenya, Mozambique and Ghana with the support of Elton John AIDS Foundation (@ejaf @ejafdn) to continue our work sharing LGBTQI+stories of survival and to raise awareness of the impacts of stigma. Around the world, grants made by the Elton John AIDS Foundation make possible the work of countless community-rooted organizations that touch the lives of millions every day. For more information, and to join the fight, visit www.ejaf.org // You can read Tasha’s story by clicking the link in the profile of the @WhereLoveIsIllegal account. Also on the site you can see how to share your own experience of #survival and #discrimination and learn how you can support stories from marginalised groups. This is a @witness_change project. For more stories of survival follow @WhereLoveIsIllegal

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